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How to get Western Union Prepaid Gold Card & verify for PayPal account

Power bank and laptop

Of the own families and nearest and dearest,” explained Michael Hafer, Senior Vice. The card is also the very earliest from the Philippines to let Together with our present customers and expand our value to new clients. Among the most important markets in Asia. This Distinctive new card has tailored to the Philippines, and they’re proud to become a top supplier of cash transfers. To the requirements of our clients will help us deepen our relationships. Western Union moves to cash, and Western Remittance Solutions is a leader in International payment Card to their customers worldwide or nationwide. A few decades back, Western marriage already dispersed Western Union membership cards due to their faithful clients that receive or send money frequently. The sole difference between the card in your Western Union Visa card today is that this is brand new. It is currently a Visa-powered global card that not just offers the cardholder to store at any shops, malls, restaurants, or hotels worldwide. It allows them to withdraw money from any ATMs worldwide that take powered VISA cards. And to top all that, this card can become an online-shopping favorable for many online shoppers everywhere, as it is acceptable in virtually all famous online retailers across the globe.

Solutions announced the initiation of the Western Union® Gold Prepaid Card.

Cardholders “divide payout,” directing a portion of remittance on their cards and getting part in money. The distinctive new card also offers Filipinos, many of whom utilize cash for each their financial demands, a much-needed method to safeguard, save and get their money anytime. The Western Union Gold Prepaid Card will present many Filipinos into the fiscal mainstream in a country where, as stated by the World Bank, only 27% of adults over age 15 have bank balances. Cardholders may fill their paychecks, government obligations, money, and other profits directly on the card, along with remittances.

Outstanding Features of the card:

1). No minimum balance required – the cardholder won’t have to worry about penalties or deductions from their card’s load even if their account will run out of cash. Unlike most other bank accounts that require you to leave at least Ph500 pesos or approximately $10 in your account, the Western Union gold Visa card doesn’t need one. So you can shop the whole day and worry nothing about drying out your card load.

2). Free SMS confirmation on every transaction – Since your Western Union, Gold Visa card is linked to your mobile number upon your card’s registration. You don’t have to worry about unauthorized transactions using your card or card’s credentials since all the transactions made by your card will automatically be sent to your mobile number thru SMS messages. To top all that, you will also receive an SMS notification in case anybody sends you money through Western Union since your name will automatically be linked to your Western Union Gold Visa card.

3). Card personalization and other security features, including 24/7 stolen /loss reporting and blocking- your card will be personalized for your preferences, like your name on the face of the card and a personalized PIN of your card for your ATM transactions. And you won’t have to worry if you’ll misplace your card since western Union offers 24/7 loss card reporting services that will meet your needs.

4). Online Banking Facility – All your transactions can easily be traced through your account online. Register your Western Union Visa Gold card to Western Union online, and use its online transactions to view your accounts preferences. From there, you can quickly view your outstanding balance, your current transaction, or the notifications if in case someone has sent you money thru Western Union.

5). Can be used for online shopping anytime – Western Union Gold card is a Visa-powered debit card, so you can easily use it for online purchases or shopping in almost all well-known online merchants worldwide. You can use it as a direct Payment method by using your debit card’s credentials directly or by simply using your PayPal account that has been verified using this Visa debit card. For more information on efficiently using your Western Union Gold Visa debit card to verify your PayPal account, click the button below.

Different ways to load funds onto your debit card

Card Could be loaded Without Even leaving House; Even Just a first in the Philippines to

Enable customers to remittances into the card

a). Western Union Remittance agency C ). Online card accounts management system (www. we prepaid. ph) e). Consumers may participate in inward remittance in money and load area the Id ). Money load in participating Western Union Agent locations across the Philippines b). Customer service hotline

How to quickly get cash from the card

C ). More than one million visa ATMs worldwide or globally. a). At any engaging Western Union Branches situated anywhere in the Philippines b). During 9,000 UnionBank and Megalink ATM Networks nationwide along with also…

It opens a new horizon for online shoppers and cashless spenders

a). Welcome everywhere where Visa is approved — in institutions and 30 million retail around the globe. b). Accepted in most institutions that take Visa-powered cards nationally, such as in restaurants, restaurants, department stores, hotels, and gas stations. Id ). Online shopping – this card enables consumers with no charge card to pay for internet purchases in any internet retailers globally where the Visa charge card has been approved. This is a Visa-powered card. Any online retailer with a Visa charge card will always take the Western Union Visa Gold debit card for online purchases. You can join this card into a PayPal account for safety for you and on the qualifications of your card. C ).

How to quickly get a Western Union Visa Gold debit card

Step 1). Visit some Western Union Remittance services divisions nationally, which might also be accessible in other states where Western Union Remittance providers are readily available. And pose any valid I.D.s which you have, such as, for instance, a Passport, driver’s permit, TIN or BIR I.D, SSS I.D., Philhealth, some other authorities I.D.s which you have, or your own firm’s I.D. If you are an expatriate or foreigner, you might also show your Visa Photocopy with your passport.

Step 2). Inform the teller or your team from the iRemit branches that you’d love to obtain a Western Union Visa Gold card, so the team will provide you with an enrollment form that you’ll be requested to fill up or sign. After filling out the record, the team will probably ask that you spend money on the card price or the deposit for your card.

Step 3). In www.we prepaid.ph. However, the price of this card could also stay as is, Budget, or anyone with average earnings that enjoys online banking. To your first deposit to your card, which stinks to less Ph Visa Gold debit card prices Ph200 pesos or about $7 to $8 U.S. dollars. Ph 150 to your card Expenses, along with a payment of Ph 50 pesos, But it is still cheap to anyone using a tight 200 pesos. The cost may be a bit different today, but you may ask.

Step 4). After paying for the card, the Western Union staff may provide you with a none personalized card that does not include your title. You can already use this card because it’s already connected to a name, But you might also ask to get a personalized individual and wait patiently for it to be published for a couple of days. They’ll also offer you the choice select whether to select your card in any given iRemit branches of your own choice, or you’d prefer it to be sent for you to the speech you will denominate from the shape.

Western Union Visa Gold debit card is an internet shopping competent card. Therefore it is acceptable in almost any online retailer globally. However, for extra safety for your accounts and identity or yourself, you might also use it to confirm your PayPal accounts. Or perhaps you join it to a PayPal because it will conceal your card’s individuality or credential every time you do internet shopping, which means you are safe and protected anytime.


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