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Bank Cards That Are Made For Remittance Purposes

Remittance Purposes

A few decades back, I worked in a renowned global Oil & Gas Construction business in the United Arab Emirates, especially in Abu Dhabi. Being an open nation, this can be much different from several other Middle Eastern states; my entire life there as an Expatriate was agreeable. And though I still do not have my family, there are always times when I wish to discuss my blessings with my parents back in the Philippines. Considering that the Philippines is regarded as among the largest remitter of dollars and other currencies on the planet, sending cash here from another nation is always much more straightforward than you can imagine, particularly with the progressive technological updates of their banking businesses here in the Philippines. However, of course, besides your bank-to-bank bank cards, or internet wire transfer, you might also send cash to the Philippines with the famous remittance services on earth. Western Union, iRemit, Money Gram, and the most significant remittance providers from the Philippines, your LBC is one of your best choices.

Talking of Bank to Bank transfers, many banks from the Philippines cater to a mainly made account solely for its use of Filipino Overseas workers globally, for sending cash to their loved ones back from the Philippines. These bank accounts naturally are committed to its modern-day heroes of the Philippines because OFW is regarded as one. Why not when they’re the sole ones responsible for bringing various currencies into the banking business, which considerably contributes to the economy? Most of these Bank balances offered by several banks do not have a maintaining equilibrium or ADB (typical deposit balance) to keep. So talk, these particular accounts are meant to function as remittance accounts and technical savings accounts for the OFWs.

I did exceptional research concerning this guide since I understand how hard it’s not to get one bank account in the Philippines when you are already in another nation. A couple of years back, when I had been operating in Abu-Dhabi, one thing I forgot to repay before departing turned into a bank account of my very own. Indeed, I had a bank account bank afterward. However, I was unsure if it was active until I understood it was too late because I was abroad. Although I would have the ability to acquire an account back in Abu-Dhabi out of Mashreq lender, their asserting balance was far too large to keep, so I needed to select to pay a membership fee each month. I was using it for my everyday salary dispersal. I don’t want anyone to endure the identical unforeseen situation I’d undergone, so I must produce this informative essay very tidy and transparently for you before anyone wishes to possess a bank account before they leave for work.

Bank Accounts for OFWs

1). PNB (Philippine National Bank)

Account name: PNB Take One Kit.

Lately, Philippine National Bank has made a unique account to accommodate the requirements of the Filipino brothers and sisters that are working or are working overseas. It’s essentially a savings account that is included in a single kit. So as soon as an OFW gets one, they’ll no longer need to watch for the card to be published; instead, the ATM card to your specified account is currently contained in the kit. No hassles, no waiting. PNB recognizes the way you give importance to your money and time. Appreciate any of the following value-added features along with your ATM card

Accounts Special Features:

Send remittance right to your PNB ATM accounts and get it credited in moments.

Purchase your SSS contribution/loan amortization and other utilities by Simply Registering your Accounts in Vehicle Debit Arrangement (ADA)*

View your account balance, pay your bills, or transfer money online Through

Internet Banking also if you’re overseas! To register, see the Segment on the homepage.

Withdraw and Perform Equilibrium inquiry in Almost Any PNB, Bancnet, Megalink, and Expressnet ATM from the Philippines.

Transport funds request your accounts and statement of accounts to be delivered to your email through Telephone and Mobile Banking. To register, complete the banking registration form and apply this to some PNB divisions that are national.

How to acquire one:

For more information, visit any PNB Overseas Office near you.

2). BPI Direct a BPI Family Bank

Account name: BPInoy Savings Account

BPI, through its banking subsidiary, the BPI Direct Savings

Bank expands the convenience and security of receiving and sending cash Overseas to start their particular remittance savings account in”zero” from overseas by enabling Expat Pinoys and OFWs Equilibrium.

Under the exceptional coverage, all OFWs and their inheritance could be permitted to open savings accounts without needing to deposit cash as opening or keeping balance. These accounts may be implemented via the net and exclusive events, which BPI Direct Savings Bank pops up from people institutions and malls as promotional tours.

Cognizant of their fiscal predicament of leaving OFWs who shell out borrowed cash on job placements and other similar conditions. The zero opening balance ensures that those OFWs can send money to their nearest and dearest from the Philippines through the reliability and security of their valid lender remittance system. Gone are the times of the insecure paki-padala method as remittance prices through banks also have become cheap. This way, hard-earned cash from work overseas can attain beneficiaries the quickest and safest method via banks.

For daily expenditures or to grow his savings in the long run. Your To quickly and secure remittances via a direct charge to a report. Pinoy ATM Savings accounts and that your beneficiary is the passport. Your beneficiary from the Philippines eagerly Anticipates your remittance.

Account Features:

It can indeed be accessed through BPI Internet or BPI Online cards

Zero Maintaining Balance, no monthly ADB

No deposit is required.

No maintaining balance is needed, as is a remittance trade at least once every three months.

Get more interest than every standard savings account.

Access your Accounts via over 14,000 Expressnet, Bancnet, and Megalink ATMs Nationally.

Withdraw cash from over 1 million Cirrus-affiliated ATMs in over 210

Countries worldwide you are in.

Enjoy cashless Shopping Through the Express Payment System (EPS) in

Establishments nationwide. No registration is required.

Monitor your account balance, transfer money, pay your bills, and reload

Mobile phones and cards throughout any of our digital Express Mobile. Stations: BPI ATMs, BPI Express Phone, BPI Express Online or BPI

Open an account from anywhere in the world, through the net online.

How to acquire one:

To learn more about how you’re able to open zero equilibrium savings accounts, log into or even

3). BDO (Banko de Oro) Uni Bank

account name: BDO Kabayan account (Asenso Kabayan Program)

Among the bests line-up of this BDO Unibank for your OFW is the “Asenso Kabayan Program,” which comprises savings accounts for Filipino OFWs. This includes standard peso accounts or dollar accounts to pick from, a Kabayan mortgage, Kabayan car Loan, Kabayan Personal Loan, and Kabayan houses. And those programs are specially created for our Filipino brothers and brothers operating or working overseas. To avail of this plan, you must have the Kabayan accounts. This comes within a Passbook and an ATM. Throughout the writing, I received a pleasant-looking BDO shopping tote which arrived in yellow color, and technical OFW Discount cards around SM Megastores and malls.

Account special features:

Zero Preserving balance or No Other monthly ADB

Comes in ATM with a BDO Passbook for documentation

Just P100 First deposit for the account Starting or $100 for Your dollar Accounts

For people working on ships, only 10 dollars is Needed for the dollar account

You will be automatically entitled to the Kabayan Home Loan

You will be automatically entitled to the Kabayan Car Loan

You’ll Be automatically entitled to Your Kabayan P{ersonal Loan

You will be automatically entitled to Your Kabayan Homes

Only one ID is required to open an account

How to acquire one:

To get this kind of account, stop by any BDO Uni Bank branches around you country-wide. Or you might also ask about this via their online CSR only. CLICK HERE.

4). Chinabank Corp.

Account name: Overseas Kababayan Savings (OKS) account

With this particular bank account for OFWs, Chinabank additionally offered unique attributes along with this account. Any Kabaya Savings accounts holders are eligible for all of Chinabank’s OKS application which comprises the China Bank On-Time Remittance, Overseas Kababayan Savings (OKS) Account, OKS WealthPlus, OKS HomePlus, along with OKS AutoPlus, which constitute the menu of Australian Kababayan Services, that besides China Bank’s ongoing attempts to enlarge its remittance community internationally, attest to the Bank’s dedication to the welfare of OFWs.

To Promote OFWs to Start a basic bank account to improve their money.

Deposits of P1,000 in the OKS account get interested to market Simpler and safer. China Bank offers the National Kababayan Savings (OKS), The concept of saving and not withdrawing the entire remittance that gets Management skills, in addition to sending money to the Philippines China Bank Online for free for a more straightforward monitoring place on earth. Credited. The account has an ATM card, and It Might Be enrolled in Accounts, a zero first deposit, and keeping balance accounts.

A standard savings account is a fantastic approach to constructing a nest egg, except for potentially more significant returns than stable economies. China Bank offers OKS WealthPlus, a selection of Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) alternatives that suit different risk profiles and investment selections. Throughout the UITFs professionally handled by China Bank Trust Group, OFWs get to put money into resources that may be inaccessible to those, such as costly stocks or high-yielding company bonds usually offered exclusively to institutional shareholders.

The Forfeit of working Overseas and enduring home Illness is a Cost OFWs

For company, it is now simple and inexpensive Rewarding, because owning a house and a car for your household’s use or Are eager to pay to provide to their loved ones. The OKS of china Bank HomePlus house loan, along with OKS AutoPlus Auto Loan, make the sacrifice

Account special features:

Initial Deposit Requirement: None

Minimum Monthly Average Daily Balance (ADB) Requirement: None

Minimum Balance to Earn Interest: 5,000

Interest Rate: 0.25% per annum, subject to 20% withholding tax

Documentation: OKS Account ATM Card, Monthly Statement of Account (Optional)

Access Points:

  • Branch
  • • ATM
  • • TellerPhone
  • • China Bank Online
  • • BancNet POS
  • • BancNet Online

Others: PDIC Coverage: Maximum deposit for Every depositor P500,000

How to acquire one:

To acquire this sort of account, go to any nearby Chinabank branch. Or you can also inquire about this via their online CSR. CLICK HERE.

5). Landbank of the Philippines

Account name: Landbank Cash Card account

Among the largest banks of the government, the Landbank also offers an excellent deposit and savings account especially catered to your OFWs. The landbank Money card isn’t only a remittance card but may also be utilized as a savings account for sending out your barely earned income overseas. On the other hand, you might also use these accounts for sending cash to loved ones while you’re still functioning in different areas of the earth.


Access Accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week through over 800 LANDBANK ATMs and

7,500 ATMs of Expressnet, Megalink, and Bancnet ATM systems nationwide

Withdraw up to P30,000 a day

Balance Question and Finance transfer with menu-based SMART Cell Phone

Free SMS notification for every successful transaction

Account special features:

Opening Deposit: None

Maintaining Balance: None

Account Interest: None

Dormancy Period: None

Aggregate Credits: Max. of P100,000.00 per month

Registration Type, at least valid ID, and Evidence of becoming an OFW or Profession

Statement History: Print upon request subject to a fee

Card Validity Period: 2 years subject to reactivation

How to acquire one:

To acquire this type of account, visit any Landbank branches nationwide. Or you may also inquire about this through their online CSR o internet.

6). Bank of Commerce

Account name: Sikap Pinoy OFW account

Bank of Trade is among the most Secure banks in

It is intended to relax the brothers and brothers operating For their own families back home. Overseas, or will soon probably be serving overseas. This account offers many features and Advantages which will assist a lot, not just OFW. A few of the finest merchandise for OFW employees and the Philippines are your OFW Sikap Pinoy accounts. Another type of account

Account special features:

Required initial deposit: none

Minimum maintaining balance: none

Minimum ADB (Average Deposit Balance) to earn interest P500 Pesos

Interest crediting: Monthly

With a fixed interest rate

With Sikap Pinoy’s customized ATM card

The account is available at PDOS centers & Bank of Commerce

With account access via the BCommerce Internet Banking facility

With access at any BancNet, Megalink, and ExpressNet ATMs

With access to payment and Shopping in over 1,000 Institutions nationwide

How to acquire one:

Commerce branches around you. Or else you might also ask about To Get This Kind of Accounts, Just visit any Bank of This by using their internet official websites.

7). RCBC and RCBC Savings bank

Account name: RCBC Abot Pangarap Savings Plan

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), Hopes to strengthen its

Families from the Philippines. It’s a savings account, but can Its a new product known as the Abot Pangarap Savings Plan. This is one of The best goods offered by RCBC entirely for OFWs and their Remittance company and creates residue Function as a remittance solution for their loved ones back home. It is like using a savings account and a Remittance card.

Undoubtedly, this one of a type account can help OFWs globally since many Filipinos lack the opportunity to send money overseas using traditional remittance services. Throughout its customer banking, RCBC Saving Bank, the newest revolutionary product, is primarily intended for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)to save part of their profits while remitting money to their nearest and dearest back home. It is hassle-free cash sending and sending a card in 1 account.

Account special features:

No deposit from opening the Accounts

No Average deposit Equilibrium or ABD, also Called maintaining balance

The minimum balance to earn interest is 10,000 pesos

You can request a statement of account

Online Banking Facility via RCBC online

Needed ADB to earn Attention for ATM: P3,000 Pesos

Required ADB to earn Attention for Passbook: P10,000 Pesos

Needed ADB to earn Attention in ATM: $500

How to acquire

To acquire this sort of account, simply go to any Allied Bank branches around you nationwide. Or you could also inquire about this through their online sites through the net.

9). PSBank (a Metrobank sister company)

Account name: PSBank Overseas Filipino Savings

PSBank, a Firm of the Philippines of the Metropolitan Lender,

Use their ATM card for cash advances overseas, which may be used for the internet. Additionally. It offers a product for your Filipino OFWs. Debit card. ATM MasterCard International, your power card can be Shopping and might be utilized for purchasing any pieces of This account is among the very best merchandise around here because there

This account offers a fixed interest rate account That Allows for day

Cirrus and maestro ATMs worldwide. Money over-the-counter at And nighttime banking through the automatic teller machines of PSBank, Invoices, or cashless purchasing at any given BancNet-affiliated institution. Almost any PSBank branch, expertise hassle-free compensation of your utility

OFWs and their inheritance can start an account because there’s zero or no first and minimum keeping balance!

You will open an account in any branch and receive your personalized chosen ATM card immediately. Returning to the division after three days is unnecessary to maintain your ATM card. No hassles, no delays.

Register in PSBank Online. A safe, convenient 24/7 internet facility and expertise the way that accounting ought to be.

Account special features:

Day and Nighttime banking in Almost Any PSBank, Metrobank, BancNet, ExpressNet and

Megalink ATMs nationally, also Maestro and Cirrus ATMs worldwide

Fund Move, balance Query, and Invoices payment Through PSBank Remote Banking

Cashless Shopping at any BancNet-affiliated establishment

Hassle-free and on-the-spot issuance of ATM card

Online Shopping anytime, anywhere

International acceptance through MasterCard-affiliated ATMs

Only P50 Pesos for opening the account

No maintaining balance required

No initial deposit is required upon opening the account

Instant customized ATM card with your name, no more waiting for days for the card.

How to acquire one:

Stop by any PSBank branches around you to get this kind of account. Or you might also ask about this by using their official internet sites through the net.

10). UCPB Bank Philippines

Account name: UCPB U-remit Account

UCPB is one of the best banks in the Philippines, catering to excellent merchandise for all kinds of individuals. Among the very best line-up for those OFWs is your U-Remit remittance account. Essentially, it is a savings account meant for OFWs globally but might also function as a remittance account for your families back home. And like nearly all OFW accounts, U-Remit offers a zero claiming balance or ADB, along with a zero first deposit for opening your accounts.

Account special features:

No maintaining balance required

No initial deposit is required upon opening the account

Online Banking facility through UCPB online

Real-time remittance crediting with automatic currency conversion

Over-the-counter pick-up, in case of no ATM card for the receiver.

Direct U-Remit to any UCPB account remittance

How to acquire one:

To get this sort of account, just go to any PSBank branches around you nationwide. Or you may also ask about this by using their official internet websites via the net.

The moral lesson of the article:

There are an infinite number of ways how it is easy to send cash to your loved ones. Send them money utilizing wire-money move from Bank to Bank or via remittance services. Although sending cash from Bank to Bank is the most economical method for your barely earned cash, It might not be the best choice for many individuals, particularly the ones that want the money instantly. Bank transfers, particularly overseas, will always pass precisely what the banks call the confirmation procedure. This might require approximately 3 to five banking days, which is a slight hassle for most people.

Conversely, sending cash using a remittance service business might not be as secure. Still, naturally, you will obtain the money so long as it is on their database. That procedure will be quicker if you’ve got the remittance cards mentioned previously, as you can quickly withdraw the cash directly utilizing any ATMs nationally or globally.

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