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Debit / Prepaid Cards That Are Made For Online-Shopping

Obtaining a credit score card solely with the intention of purchasing items on line, paying your invoices, your web hosting and purchasing a plane tickets to your dream holidays, or simply simply purchasing and buying a cunning pair of sneakers which you admire because 6th grade, a pleasant looking luggage, or some other beauty accessories on line really isn’t the value of an attempt. Why? Since acquiring a charge card isn’t as simple as studying ABCs, its next to impossible, particularly for someone else who is just earning a couple hundreds of dollars each month, how much more for bulk of teenagers and kids that are still attending courses with just couple of dollars in their pocket for their allowance awarded with their parents, however only really, really want to get things online? It is almost always a typical bank requirement which you must have at least $500 to $700 or even 17,000 pesos into 25,000 pesos or greater salary monthly earnings for you to be capable to obtain credit card. But why waste time dreaming about owning one when you’re able to make online shopping utilizing other online cards anyhow?

Few decades back, many businesses, such as banks researched that this drawbacks about the tough truth about charge cards, and also just how challenging it is for its low-earning people along with the young ones particularly pupils t to get and get one. They began making a very unique card using a completely power and functions of a charge cardbut does not have to get a monthly invoices such as the charge card does. As a result, average individuals, and young teenagers may enjoy the entirely works and electricity of a charge card, however does not need to fret about a monthly invoice to be accumulated from the banks, since it doesn’t possess you. Do get from the regional banks in your state for the availablility of the goods, because they arrive in a variety of titles from several banks resources globally.

A few of the Benefits of debit card within the Timeless credit card

1).Can use to store online just as with any other charge cards do.

2).Can use to store on tens of thousands of shop locally, and countless shop globally that takes Visa or Mastercards

3).It includes a 16 digit Card Number, Expiration Date, Account Name along with a Security number in the back of the cardjust like a Charge Card.

4).Can make use to cover online, Exactly like a Credit Card

5).Can make use to register a PayPal account Exactly like any other Charge Cards

6).Can confirm a PayPal account enrollment Exactly like any other credit cards

7).Capable of Earning Money through ATMs locally, and globally through a Visa or MasterCard ATMs across the globe — just as with any other charge cards will.

8).Cash equilibrium could be assess through ATMS, Landlines, Txt, or online via net.

9).One advantage on a normal credit cardis the simple fact that you simply wont be money, because the money which you will having to purchase online, is governed by you. You handle just how much money you may need for internet shopping or to get shopping via malls.

10).And a different gread benefit on a normal Charge Card would be that, you’ll never be charged by your financial institution. Considering that a debit card is a prepaid Cards, the money which you invest for shopping isn’t borrowed from the own banks, which means that your banks won’t ever charge you whatsoever. Even though some banks offer you a quarterly or monthly statement of balances, and they provide it free of cost. Or some can request that you cover a per-page foundation of your statement of account.

Listed below are a Few of the Greatest Online-Shopping cards available from the Philippines & many Aspect of Asia:

The Unionbank Eon-Visa Card

A).One time processing and Yearly Fee: P350.00

B).No fee for loading the accounts

C).Has a distinct account number for some other services such as financing transport (to and from) and also PayPal withdrawals

D).can be utilized for internet shopping but through PayPal — Among the handiest means of paying for the purchases is from using PAYPAL (www.paypal.com.ph ) all the internet retailers takes a PayPal charge, also UNION BANK includes a in depth directions about how it is possible to connect your EON-ACCOUNT into PayPal so you may use it in order to confirm, and get started using it via internet shopping. The directions is fairly straight forward and straightforward, follow along line each line and you will not have dropped along the way, and also only in case there is something which you find hard in doing this, simply don’t hesitate to contact me everywhere, and I am always free to attend to your requirements. Or simply place a comment or queries on my remarks distance below. I’ll also be submitting a site concerning ways to connect your Eon-Account for your PayPal accounts, and post on seeing How to produce a PayPal account, and also how to register your bank accounts online, so you could readily get your funds, check account and inspect the deposits.

E).Some individuals remarked (LONG YEARS AGO)which THIS CARD CAN’T BE USED FOR DIRECT ONLINE SHOPPING, IT Must BE LINKED WITH PAYPAL i.e. you make purchases through PayPal afterward PayPal withdraws funds from the Unionbank EON Card. However, these remarks were far back few decades before, perhaps UnionBank already resolve this small glitches regarding the Eon Account. However nothing to stress, cause connecting your accounts to PayPal is a lot simpler or equally as simple as getting your UnionBank Eon Account. All of the directions which you may want are in comprehensive. The 1st thing you need to do however, when you currently get this Eon-Visa Card is to find a PayPal account, no worries, its totally free, and quite easy to find a PayPal account, simply visit their site “www.paypal.com. Ph” and REGISTER, it is free of charge.

F).This Card may be utilized to confirm that a PayPal account (Much like a charge card)

G).There’s currently a withdrawal penalty of 10 pesos to the next and subsequent refunds for your month. To Put It Differently, you are allowed just two free withdrawals for Each month

H).This may be utilized globally at all shops with VISA trademarks

I).Balance query through ATM and Internet website

J).Can use to draw money on ATMs around the World via a VISA, or VISA and ATMs worldwide.

L).It may be utilized for shopping in tens of thousands of retailers, restaurants, pubs, resorts, gas-pumping channels and supermarkets and malls in the Philippines, along with countless shops, retailers, restaurants, pubs and establishment’s around the world.

For more information regarding Union Bank Eon Account, simply read my article “HOW TO ACQUIRE A UNION BANK EON-ACCOUNT” page in my Blog Website.

Smartmoney MasterCard out of Smart Telecoms & BDO

Among the most popular online Debit card, because the Union Bank Eon Card. Long time past, a lot of men and women miss known the actual capacities and strength of the easy yet so strong card. Many thought this is simply a very simple loading cards such as loading phone loads, or only any other purchasing cards, which could buy just on shops, malls or restaurants. The power of the card has been unleashed, it’s the capacity to buy online, exactly as with any other bank cards may perform.

It may be connection to a PayPal account and may confirm it. And first and foremost, this very simple card includes a global acceptability, because it’s powered by MASTERCARD worldwide, publicly speaking, you may use it in order to buy on global shops also with countless millions of retailers around the world that takes MASTERCARD like every other charge cards. And to top this, it’s the capacity to withdraw money in over tens of thousands of ATMs across the globe that takes MASTERCARD, exactly what any other charge card does.

To obtain one, you merely require a legitimate I.D. a Smart Sim Card or Chat &Txt for downloading your own account number, and a P120 for your processing charge and card price. But you do not have to cover enrolling online, you are only going to cover the cardwhen asserting it in the SMART-WIRELESS-OFFICE of your pick. And you do not need to see the wise office upon enrolling, you merely register or obtain it via their site, in www.smart.com.ph/money

a). 1 time processing fee:P120.00 upon asserting of your bank, no yearly fee. If you don’t ask to get a brand new card, or a statement of accounts.

b). Balance query through BDO, Banc Net, Megalink, Expressnet ATMs: P2.50

c). Balance query via ATMs using Cirrus Logo: P25.00

Id ). Can ask for statement of accounts with a charge of P25.00

e). Valid global at MasterCard accredited institutions

f). Loading of money through Smart Wireless Centers, Banco De Oro divisions or Smart Money Accredited Outlets, or even wallet-to-wallet move or through phone banking service from pick spouse banks or remittance from overseas (loading fees can apply for every process )

gram ). Can withdraw money in over countless ATM Machines globally that takes MASTERCARD, exactly as with any other charge cards.

For more information regarding Smart Money, please see my article “HOW TO ACQUIRE A intelligent MONEY” page within my blog website.

The BPI “My E-Prepaid MasterCard

Among the very best debit cards generated by the top banking idustry from the Philippines, the BPI Group of banks. It’s especially catered and made to utilize onlines, especially for oline purchasing or internet buying. But unlike charge card, then this card has been created from BPI to become 100% approvable for anyone who who would love to get one, so long as he or she obtained a valid I.D. accessible. This card is fantastic for all those average-earning folks, teenagers and students who do not possess a charge card, but who’d love to cover promo , accessories, gadgets, and plenty of other promo goods on the internet. Nonetheless, this is the sole charge card card offered by this BPI that’s available nationally at this moment. Other prepaid cards, Cash Cards and Prepaid cards offered by the BBI are solely for its GMMA (Greater Metro Manila Area) just as of today. Perhaps they’ll be offering another Debit cards nationwide shortly.

Amazing Features of this card:

A). There is no claiming equilibrium, does not make a difference if you used-up all of your deposited cash in your card.

B). 100% acceptance, means anyone can get or obtain one, for example students and teenagers provided that they’ve 1 legitimate ID, such as a brand new faculty I.D.s they’ve, also 500 pesos for calculating charge and card price.

C). Could be used to Purchase online, in most sites that take MasterCard (select Credit Card as payment choice )

D). Could be used to purchase in shops at the Philippines and in other states (shops that take MasterCard)

E). Can be utilized to cover restaurants from the Philippines and in several other states (restaurants that take MasterCard)

F). No requirement for PIN. Present the card and then sign the sales slip.

G). Just 500 pesos to buy the prepaid card which includes processing fee along with the card prices already.

H). Valid for two years (therefore it might imply that it is just 250 pesos for a single year) for its yearly subscription, that is reasonable enough to the typical Filipino pupils.

I). It is exactly like a bank cardit has a 16-digit card amount, includes a 3-digit card confirmation code, and contains a validity interval or expiry date.

J). It may be utilized to confirm that a PayPal payment, even when enrolling for a PayPal account.

K). Could be Loaded or reloaded over-the-counter or simply by employing an EXPRESS DEPOSIT ATM MACHINE anytime BPI, BPI household lender, or BPI Express bank or through funds transfer or cash transfer from your routine BPI Savings accounts via online banking, or accounts transfer from the other regular savings accounts by additional BancNet member banks, or additionally using online banking.

L). Maximum load limit was raised to 50,000 pesos! Earlier, it was just 10,000. However, you have to load your cash on the counter at BPI, to get a greater deposit denominations.

M). They’ve a totally free balance query through telephone. Telephone 89-100, in GMMA.

N). Young adolescents and pupils as young as 10 years old and that have legal I.D.s such as a college I.D.s and birth certification are able to apply to their ePrepaid MasterCard’s. Normally, they ought to be accompanied by adults such as their parents when employing naturally, but not mandatory for adolescents I think, because adolescents now are a good deal more developed compared to adolescents earlier.

For questions regarding this item simply click : http://www.bpimag.com/

The PSbank “Prepaid MasterCard”

Another yet quite strong debit card of now is that a Prepaid MasterCard in PSBank, exactly enjoy the Union Bank Eon-card along with also the Smart-Money, you may use it to buy online, even straight to the retailers, exactly like another Credit Cards, it’s a 16-digits card number, account title and expiry dates, even although some say that this card hasn’t yet been categorized to use or connect with PayPal, but it’s still best for internet payment or internet shopping, particularly for the internet retailers that takes direct payment in a charge card, make this card includes a complete purposes of a charge card, which may be utilized to buy right, without using PayPal accounts. And obtaining this card is at least as simple as obtaining a new bank accounts. Or even simpler.

A). This card requires a First Amendment of P50.00 or greater amount upon software of this card(all abbreviated anyhow ) so you can use it at once after asserting the card immediately. No yearly Fees for this particular card, you just have to cover, when asking for a brand new card on the expiry date.

B). Reloading Fee: P10.00 percent deposit trade

C). Could be used for internet purchases and PayPal confirmation.

D). International recognition in shops with MasterCard emblem

E). Balance query via ATM and Internet

F). Get the card on precisely the exact same day of program (within thirty minutes)

For questions relating to this product simply click : http://www.psbank.ph/

The Sterling Bank of Asia “iRemit Visa-International Card”

  1. A) Readily Acquirable, just Ph300.00

b). Remittance in minutes

c). Cashless purchasing

d). Online Buying

e). Suitable Occupational Payment

Id ). Internet and Mobile Banking

gram ). Worldwide ATM access



A remitter overseas can send cash in real time for their own

beneficiary’s iRemit Visa Card.


Even the iRemit Visa Cardholders can draw cash in almost any

BancNet, Megalink and Expressnet ATMs from the Philippines and also

countless Visa ATMs worldwide.


IRemit Visa Card is a quick, convenient and secure method of paying

buys at any given BancNet and Visa affiliated retailer

institutions worldwide.


IRemit Visa Card may be used for online shopping in several e-

shops and retailers on the internet.


IRemit Visa Card offers advantage of performing ATM transactions

like balance inquiry, invoices payment and prepaid card issuer

through BancNet online or through Short Messaging Service (SMS).


IRemit Visa Card is a much quicker and more convenient means of paying

your invoices via BancNet ATMs, BancNet Online or cellular

telephone from the Philippines.

The RCBC Mercury Drug Suki Visa card

The card may offer Mercury Drug and RCBC sponsors the handiest method to store. Mercury Drug-MyWallet Card functions as a stored value card which may be reloaded with money via ATM or on the countertop. Payment will be debited automatically with each swipe over 18,000 Bancnet POS

retailers and more than 70,000 Visa-accepting institutions from the Philippines. Therefore, the card may be redeemed in present Visa terminals at Mercury Drug branches. The Mercury Drug-MyWallet Card is powered using a microchip that could save rewards points made with each purchase of medications, food or drink in Mercury Drug shops. Once accumulated, these points may be utilized to buy any product in most engaging Mercury Drug stores nationally.

One greatest thing about that Visa card, is that that it has been analyzed for a PayPal Linkable. So, you may use this card to confirm a PayPal account, and so that would imply. Its powerfull sufficient as every other Credit Cards from the banking marketplace. Locally, cardholders may do different trades such as invoices payment in any of over 600 RCBC along with RCBC Savings Bank ATMs and over 4,500 additional BancNet-affiliated ATMs nationally. Becoming Visa-enabled, the card could be obtained and used overseas to allow cardholder to get their account, withdraw money, and conveniently buy products via its own debit card operate by around 30 million Visa accredited retailers globally and over 1.7 million VISA-bearing ATM locations globally.

What is even more incredibly convenient is this new Mercury Drug MyWallet card may be utilized to cover fares at pick MRT stations. The card may only be tapped onto a card-reader found right in the channel turnstiles to permit consumers to board and out without having to line up in the charge booths.


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