The BPI ePay Account & The ePay Virtual MasterCard, How To Get One!

She has been some time because online-shopping became famous here from the Philippines. I mean , online-shopping has existed a long time ago with the start of this E-Bay, The Amazon, Walmart shop on the web of america. However, an online-shopping websites here within our nation afterward, were a small bit imperceptible or non-existing in any way. However, now with the improvement of engineering here from the Philippines, fiber optics, high-speed DSL traces and Long-Term-Evolution (LTE) A.K.A. 4G-networks on your mobile internet, so as the online shops and internet shopping websites here within our nation finally or if I say quickly sprang like a mushroom at a moist soil. Then out came, Lazada.com.ph, Zalora, Plains & Prints, Manila Dresses, Sulit.com and is currently obtained by OLX, plus a great deal more.

But anyhow, weren’t here to discuss this Online-Stores, but rather we are here to discuss the vital tools that you want to buy on an internet shops, which includes credit cards, debit cards, atm-cards or some bank cards in any respect. But once more we are not here to chat about them , I supposed at least not the lead subject. Our principal topic at this time is about the most recent improvement from the Online-Shopping payment approach. Yes, payment approaches such as PayPal of all US, Skrill of both UK, along with Alipay of both China along with also… The BPI ePay of the Philippines. And you read it Philippines currently has an official digital payment system which you are able to use to get online-shopping or buying, as a result of BPI.

Couple of years ago, the Internet shopping Needs of the Filipino Public

With the Introduction of this Very Best Debit & Eventually gave Which left the Filipino District, (not however funding ). Filipino online-shoppers that the Best weapon They could Typical”, in the event we compare it into some caliber naturally. Then the lender Prepaid cards in Prepaid-MasterCard, iRemit-Visa plus much longer, the Philippines Became an Online-shopping Donation into the Online-Shopping planet just a tiny bit”under started. However, the payment methods subsequently were confined to credit cards.

Now, and after more BPI will alter the Filipino online-shopping encounter with the debut of the BPI ePay. No, BPI ePay is another Debit or credit card in BPI, however it is a great deal more than that. As what I’d mentioned before, BPI ePay is a digital payment system which will force you to feel much more secure and more powerful than previously, because you do not need to expose your Credit or charge card advice each time you perform a trade online. If you are now using PayPal, then Skrill or AliPay you will readily comprehend what I intended. However, otherwise, do not worry, even after reading this post in here will soon likely probably be inserted into your mind and will update it. Believe me.

What is a BPI ePay Account?
BPI ePay Accounts is a Online-Payment Accounts that works somewhat as the PayPal of US, Skrill of Either Both UK or Even the Alipay of All China.
What is this Virtual MasterCard? Well, it is part of your BPI ePay accounts. In this manner, your bodily credit card information will be secure, all that’ll be subjected to this online-merchants are going to be your Virtual MasterCard that is obviously not your principal debit or credit card but only part of your BPI ePay accounts. More concerning the BPI Virtual MasterCard is going to be clarified. Technically speaking, after you have an account with them, even whatever they do is they will allow you to cover your online transactions such as online-shopping, online ordering etc., without exposing your charge card debit card’s advice in any way. In summary when you have accounts , or you’ve got account with all the BPI ePay, then you do not have to present your debit or credit card account number, expiry date as well as the CVV safety codes in the rear of the card into the online-store you are buying. Rather, the BPI ePay includes its very own digital card which will be utilized to the online-transactions, and they also call it the Virtual-MasterCard.
What are the requirements in getting a BPI ePay Account?
1). BPI Savings or Deposit Bank Account — In order to Whether it is from BPI Family lender Plus it does not really matter BPI Group of Investors. Accounts, but preferably a savings or deposit accounts. Accounts, and a great deal more. Savings account and out of the Receive a BPI ePay accounts, to begin with, you have to get a BPI bank accounts, any As Most of Us know, BPI Includes Many savings accounts to Pick Express, or BPI Immediate banking branches provided that it is a deposit or

2). Private E-mail Address — To have the ability to enroll for a BPI ePay, obviously you are going to require a private email address. It is irrelevant whether it is a completely free one such as you@yahoo.com, you@hotmail.com, you@gmail.com or even a corporate email including Ceo@shopbycards.com, alhamis@philbizads.com etc and so on, so long as it is an energetic and operational email address. Do not overlook that the BPI ePay is a digital accounts so each trades you create except for the loading or depositing money will happen online so that you actually require a private email with this one. If you do not have email yet and do not find out how to acquire a free one, then simply visit YouTube and hunt for the subject about the best way best to have a free email address.

3). A personal mobile number – Of course all bank accounts including this one will need a personal mobile or phone number. It means you need to have a cellphone. It doesn’t matter if it’s not an LTE (4G) smartphone or not, what’s important is, it should be able to accept an SMS or text messages. I think this is needed when you do a transaction online, or for verification purpose or for resetting you password. Again it doesn’t need to be the latest Smartphone that you can get on the market, so long as it can receive a text or SMS messages.

4). You want to be 10 years older or elderly — To have the ability to acquire a BPI ePay, then you want to be not younger than a decade old. Obviously kids can have bank account, but if you are not 10 years older or old, you can not enroll for a BPI ePay, that is one of the chief conditions brought on by the BPI banks. I guess that they simply want kids to be safe on line, that is the reason why they will not allow young kids doing any trades on the internet. Really it is fair enough as there are tons of poor people online which may take benefit for your young kids doing online-transaction.

5.The world wide web. An electronic Copy of your I.D. — when I say electronic, An electronic replica of your I.D may Computer or notebook, therefore It implies, in its own FILE form which you are able to save on your own USB or even thumb-drive. You’re able to easily access it once you enroll to your ePay account. To make your job a bit simpler, just use your telephone to Envision your I.D. then ahead that picture to your own email or into your Or .bmp image arrangement. Your scanned-I. D Ought to Be uploadable to

What Are The Great Benefits of The BPI ePay Account?

1). You will Transact employing an electronic MasterCard — the very simple fact that you will not be utilizing your own physical charge or debit card, so you do not need to be worried that your card data may be stolen or use with other men and women. Or you also won’t need to be worried a card may be misplaced or lost because your card isn’t a Virtual MasterCard also it is within your accounts, it is possible to just use it in case you login into a BPI ePay accounts and nobody else can get it .

2). Your Virtual MasterCard will probably be Immediately Available upon enrollment — Upon enrollment your BPI ePay accounts, your Virtual MasterCard will be immediately available for you to utilize. No hassles of awaiting verification email, or pick-up-the card messages or call without any hassle of going to the lender to acquire your card since it’s already prepared within your ePay accounts. That online time which you’ll need to pay a stop by to the lender is if you would like to load or reload your BPI ePay or your own Virtual MasterCard.

3) Great Security & Safer Online Transaction — As you no longer have to offer the internet shop or your online-merchants together along with your physical debit or credit card advice, it’ll be the safest approach to conjure some trades on line, whether you have to purchase something, purchase orders on line or cover solutions. In conclusion, provided that you are the only person who understands your password to your BPI ePay accounts, nobody could contact you Virtual MasterCard inside, nobody but you, and you , if that is not secure for you, I do not understand what’s.

4). No Minimum Income Requirements — In case banks today will call for a minimal income until you’re able to find a particular accounts or charge card program, nicely the BPI ePay won’t definitely require one . Provided that you’ve got the basic conditions I mentioned previously, you do not need to be worried if you are earning only an normal cover, so it does not matter in any way.

5). No Hassles of introducing packages of files — Finish your online account enrollment. MasterCard are also launch immediately online. No hassles of waiting Files to present to the lender. Release as your card is going to be launch immediately after you Obtaining a BPI ePay accounts Won’t penalize you of obtaining packages of The enrollment will happen on line, as well as also your ePay Virtual For your card

6). Store; Lazada, Zalora, Sulit or perhaps on Amazon, eBay or around Apple iTune Store. MasterCard, maybe perhaps not only in the Philippines But globally or globally. Therefore it doesn’t matter in which you Accepted Worldwide — The BPI ePay Account will be Accepted by online-merchants or even most of online-stores that takes

What is a BPI ePay Virtual MasterCard?

One more thing which can definitely make your ePay Virtual MasterCard indeed protected is the simple fact that it is CVV security code (which you may see in the rear of your debit or credit card) is dynamic, meaning that the code will soon likely probably be frequently changing. So after utilizing one CVV codes for a single trade, it’ll automatically be shifted into a different 3-digit CVV codes, which makes your entire online-transaction a complete lot safer and secure. The ePay Virtual MasterCard resembles your virtual online debit or credit card. It’ll be issued to you on the conclusion of your program on the BPI ePay Account. This is your online-transactions card you’ll be using when you utilize your ePay accounts for paying your purchases or orders online. And just like any other debit or credit cards, it’s everything a bodily credit card contains; the 16-digits card number, expiration date and also even the CVV Security codes you could find in the rear part of your routine physical debit or credit card, that one includes that also. Technically speaking, you are like a getting your own credit card within the online globe that may be employed to cover anything you want to pay online provided that you’ve loaded it with money.

How does the BPI ePay Account really works?

It is very easy really. The BPI ePay really works in a prepaid basis, so you will want to fill up your BPI ePay account first before you are able to begin spending or devoting online. Here is how it works… Your own Own BPI bank accounts (deposit, present, savings) will behave as load or fuel into your ePay accounts online, you may use your bank account to load your ePay accounts. As soon as your ePay is currently loaded, the sum is kept safely from the BPI bankcard. When you’re begin to generate a transaction on the internet or around the web, that sum that you loaded into your ePay accounts is going to be pushed within your ePay Virtual MasterCard, that will subsequently permit you to cover whatever you want to cover or purchase online without exposing some of your bodily account or bank data in any way. Now, that is what I could 100% safe trade!

How Much Does a BPI ePay Account Costs?

Fundamentally, obtaining the accounts is completely free (from the time of the writing 10-18-2015), However, the normal cost for opening will really costs you P100 per account that will begin that January 2016. Yes for example your ePay Virtual MasterCard which you’re going to be having to buy online it is free for now, however, will prices you P50 beginning January 2016 also. It is going to be included on your accounts, but of course in case you’re going to be minding your ePay Virtual MasterCard once it is going to expire in a couple of decades of your registration. It’ll definitely cost you P50 pesos in the time of the writing.

Technically speaking, many trades that’ll cover does not cost much at all, for example if you will rekindle your ePay Virtual MasterCard following 5 decades of expiry date, will probably prices you P100 pesos for today because of penalty I figure, that will just prices you P50 in case you will have the ability to renew it instantly after it is going to expire. The remaining part of the penalty obligations including reactivation of this ePay Virtual MasterCard and additional punishment will only charges you P50 pesos. I believe this account is actually worth-it in most of angles.

We are going to be upgrading the costs recorded here if BPI will begin to post the normal pricing to your ePay account. However, for today, as that which I’d mentioned before, Virtually All of its own component are free from the time of the writing (10-18-2015) For the time being, the Sharing Payment, meaning if you discuss your BPI Bank account to additional ePay Account holder may prices you just P50 pesos. Perhaps BPI will upgrade this amount shortly, we will be updating this informative article . Along with also the reloading of capital to a BPI ePay is totally free for today, which can prices you P20 pesos following December 31 2015. However, I believe, though there’ll be a bit of growth in the obligations following December of 2015 for your ePay accounts, it is not something to be worried about because it is really rather affordable anyhow. I am not wealthy but I feel that the payment is very for the masses , and fair enough. Therefore, if you truly enjoy buying online or you are frequently paying any online services similar to me, enroll to get a BPI ePay today while most of its account’s registration components continue to be free.

How to Get or Acquire a BPI ePay Account?

Step 1). Visit the BPI ePay Account Sign-Up webpage (Do not worry, particulars of this Link is provided in the previous portion of the post ), and totally fill-up the kind, do not forget you will want a email address to register for this if you don’t have any yet, better get the email first before seeing the ePay Sign-Up page.

Step 2). Confirm your email address and the phone which you inputted from the ePay Sign-Up type. Please note, if you will utilize a none-functional or even non-active email address, then you cannot confirm your ePay accounts in any way. So to prevent the hassles, then receive busy or a email address that functions.

Step 3). Publish your I.D’s digital backup, or even the scanned backup or the picture from your I.D.. So the ePay program will have the ability to confirm it and finish your enrollment. And keep in mind you have to upload or present your own authentic I.D. image together with your name, because it’ll be in comparison to a BPI bank account for confirmation purpose.

Step 4). Your own ePay Virtual MasterCard that you are able to use for your internet trade or internet payments, anytime anywhere. . Buy your ePay Virtual MasterCard. Once you will complete your ePay account’s enrollment, you will then be Permitted to maintain

Step 1). Visit BPI ePay Account Sign-Up page

Step 2). Verify your email & mobile number

Step 3). Upload your scanned or image of your I.D.

Step 4). Log-In to your BPI ePay Account

Step 5). Claim your BPI ePay Virtual MasterCard

Conclusion of the review…

Philippines is not brand new to plenty of Online-Payment schemes on the internet, and Filipinos are well aware of nearly all them that existed for years today or longs years back such as the PayPal, 2Co, AliPay, Skrill, Dragon cover, plus a great deal more additional online-payment system tactics. But is difficult to deny the simple fact that although this merchandise out of BPI is fresh, it is so undoubtedly added a great deal more safety to the internet shopping payment compared to another mentioned previously. What makes them distinct from another accounts that is Online-Payment? Fist of the BPI ePay Account is your sole Online Payment strategy that offers a Virtual MasterCard comes with all the accounts. So it attracts both the online-transaction to a great deal longer invincibly safe degree. That simple fact that you do not need to expose your debit or credit card’s advice into the online-store or internet retailer that you are purchasing from, it is a fantastic indication, which nobody can take a peak in your bank-account infos in any way.

Sign-Up for your very own BPI ePay Account now and enjoy secure online-shopping anytime!

What areyou wating for? Get your very own BPI ePay Account today!


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