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The Best Online-Shopping Prepaid & Debit Cards in the Country

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We wrote a post about Debit & Prepaid cards years back, but this article didn’t incorporate the latest bank cards produced in the banks lately. Thus, we must also compose this Review Post to incorporate the latest ones. And also, to make this inspection an excellent deal more exciting and interactive, we included what you wish to understand about the particular card and the way you can obtain them via the banks or suppliers. And on top of this, just like in most other Review Articles we have written, this one gets its own live “Online-Voting-App.” Also, you might vote or un-vote them according to your experience concerning the specific card, their supplier or the banks that create them, or your expertise utilizing the card. But honestly, a few years ago, when online-shopping websites here in the Philippines were new and not too much shielded, I waited to provide some of my bank card information. I must work with my PayPal account to cover anything I want to purchase online. That is because PayPal won’t exude your bank info into the internet store or online retailers from which you buy your orders. But recently, I have found that nearly all friendly and preferred Online-Shopping websites in our country already firmly accept direct payment through credit, debit, or prepaid cards. Well, of course, I am just talking from my perspective. However, I believe that they have been accepting regular direct payment through bank cards for years ago now. We have written this Review Article to assist our “kababayans” (countrymen) in picking the exact perfect Online-Shopping cards they can use for shopping online and offline via supermarkets, restaurants, malls, resorts, or projection stations. And purchasing online is unquestionably a well-qualified contemporary tendency of the Filipino lifestyle today. Therefore, nobody should be left… no Filipino in the least. Because of modern technology, the DSL Internet Connections, the Fiber Optics transmission lines, Long Term Evolution (LTE) a.k.a. the 4G system signals.” That PayPal switched International and the most economical and easily acquirable new breed of powerful online shopping cards has been created, Online-Shopping becomes a daily time of very young or elderly. I like to spend hours on Online Shopping sites that are locally developed in our country. Most notably, the ones that are well proven to be protected and safe. One factor that urges me to search online is the shortage of time to get it done immediately or physically. I spend nearly all of my whole day before my laptop, so clearly, something such as buying in a supermarket or mall is next to hopeless for me, and purchasing on the internet is the next biggest thing.

A few years back, when internet relations were just a Dial-Up (super-slow empty phone lines), PayPal was just for Americans, and the only procedures of duties were through charge cards. “Online-Shopping” was similar to a”Cease (Crimson ) Traffic light” that no one cares and listens to (that every driver will still pass till they view it red). Anyhow, my purpose of purchasing online years back wasn’t as popular as it’s now due to plenty of hindrances, which comprise the slow net connections, limited payment processes, and the lack of internet shopping websites here in the Philippines.

Rank #1). Smart TeleComs “SmartMoney MasterCard”

Review Score

One of the terrific attributes of the SmartMoney that surpasses other purchasing cards available now is its capacity to be procured by the cardholder. Therefore, although someone can steal your card data, it may not be beneficial unless the card locking mechanism is still in the Smart SIM of the person who receives the card. Sounds complicated? Let’s describe it in layman’s terms… You can not use this card for hunting online if you don’t unlock it with your Smart SIM, in which your SmartMoney is registered. And that is one excellent unbeatable characteristic of the fantastic prepaid MasterCard that I believe even the most progressive “Credit Cards” now don’t possess that top-security capability yet. In purchasing card recognition, maybe SmartMoney is just one title that will always arrive at each Filipino shopper nationwide. It began as an offline buying company to buy online supermarkets, malls, restaurants, hotels, KTV sofas, and anyplace. But when Online Shopping became a broadly known fad for its contemporary Filipinos, its functionality is now known not to be utilized for offline purchasing functions but near the Online-Shopping planet.

Outstanding Features of the SmartMoney MasterCard

 Unbeatable Online Payment Security

 Affordable, P120 to get one

 100% Application approval, no document hassles

 It can be used to buy in malls, supermarkets, KTV Bars, etc.

 It can be used to purchase online anywhere in the world

 It could be Utilized as a remittance card to send & receive cash

How to get one:

To receive detailed information regarding the ideal method to receive your personal SmartMoney Prepaid MasterCard, read this Seeing any Smart Telecoms branches nationwide. Yes, for example, people. First, fashion, it is possible to use it online easily. Pay a visit to the measures about ways to readily get your own. So clearly, your accounts will also come out of them. The second is by preceding. From there, you will receive instructions about how to get your three decades ago though I employed it online. Bright Revenue Builders are pretty friendly and adapting, so they’ll direct you every single measure of the way. There are two strategies to get your personal SmartMoney Prepaid MasterCard. You may have to send out a message on your Smart SIM cell phone then Article: Which can be online malls. I remember I have mine in SM-Manila Since BDO will now create the SmartMoney cards. A 16-digit bank account number in BDO will soon be offered for you.

Rank #2). BPI Bank “My ePrepaid MasterCard” Review Score

Because the majority of us understand, BPI is a famed lender that delivers great merchandise for your Filipinos for many long ages today, taking under consideration the fact they’re the earliest bank in the Philippines up to now. And one of the wonderful bank products which have created for your Filipino shoppers Online or Offline, is your My ePrepaid MasterCard. After it’s started couple of decades past, tons of Filipinos most notably the busy young online shoppers commended this Online-Shopping card then flipped it into an internet buying partner. Though, BPI directed this automobile for Online Shopping functions, however plenty of mall shoppers use it so as to purchase offline also due to its ease and convenience of loading or reloading it.

Great Features of the My ePrepaid MasterCard

100% Application Approval, no Record hassles

Easy to apply online or on the internet

Affordable, just Php 500-Plus initial payment or payment

So simple to load or cut back money, lots of options

Can be utilized to buy on Malls, Supermarkets, Restaurants etc.

Could be used to buy Online in any Online Stores Worldwide

How to get one:

To get or acquire your own BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard, simply go to the My ePrepaid Official Program Page, the link is of course embedded in the orange button on the picture above. Simply click the button or the picture above, it is going to require you to the BPI’s Purchase Agreement Policy. You will then click on the”Agree” button for you to continue to purchase or apply to your BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard. Entirely fill-up the online form then nominate the BPI bank branch in which you want to maintain or pick-up your ePrepaid MasterCard. Make certain the BPI bank division you choose is the closest one to your area so you can readily maintain it. You’ll be notified by means of your email on cellular number when you card is ready for pick-up. And important note, don’t forget to bring your Php 500 plus first loading payment once you claim your ePrepaid MasterCard. For a complete details on How Best to get a BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard, only browse our article: How To Get A BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard

Rank #3). BDO ATM Debit Visa / MasterCard

BDO is another terrific bank here in the Philippines. And it’s likewise renowned for producing excellent bank products that meets Filipino standards and trends. And yet another great merchandise they made to the Filipino shoppers nationally is your BDO Debit Cards. Normally, it’s in link to some BDO Savings or deposit accounts and contains Visa, MasterCard as well as the neighborhood use. Both Visa and MasterCard versions are acceptable worldwide and in just about any Online stores globally too. One good thing about this particular card is that the very simple fact it is accepted in most retailers in supermarkets, malls, hotels and restaurants nationally and internationally too (for the Visa & MasterCard versions ). So today, it’s very simple to shop without taking lots of cash. Only choose your BDO Debit cards in which you go searching and you are like carrying heaps of money without showing it to the people around you.

Great Features of the Account

Directly linked to your BDO Savings/deposit account

 Accepted in most stores nationwide that accepts Visa & MasterCard

 Can be used to purchase Online in any Online-Stores worldwide

 Easy to draw in any ATMs locally & Internationally

 No additional service charges for purchases or payment

How to get one:

For a BDO Debit Card, simply stop with no BDO branches nationwide, most rather the one which is closest to your area. A bank sales agent will direct you about how it’s possible to get your personal BDO accounts that will be linked to an ATM Debit card course. Do not forget to bring a minimum of two valid government issued I.D.s just like a driver’s license, Philpost I.D., SSS I.D., Passport plus much more. Essentially they simply need you but they might need longer depending on the particulars of your I.D. so to be protected only bring two, only in case of Following the I.D. affirmation, a lender version will be offered to you that you wish to completely fill-up. After submitting this form, you may then must pay the deposit that will be required by the creditor that will rely on the form of account which you’ll be launching obviously, so ask an excellent advice from your lender’s personnel for the ideal bank accounts which suites your budget prior to moving into filling-up the creditor form. Ordinarily nearly all bank card is going to be printed upon program, though some could request that you return at seven (7) to ten (10) bank days to keep your debit card.

Rank #4). RCBC Savings “MyWallet Visa Cash Card”

RCBC Savings Bank a subsidiary or sister company of The Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation or RCBC, is famous for creating a wonderful merchandise for Filipinos too. Few decades back, they partnered with all the “Mercury Drug” company to generate an excellent product called My Wallet Visa “Suki Card” (white colour). It’s specially made for active Filipino shoppers, many particularly those who like to shop online grocery shops such as the  “Mercury Drug”. Together with the card, will then incorporate points to earn wages. This card is the ultimate buying card for Online or Offline. And like the majority of other Visa pushed cards, this might also be utilized internationally, to shop or to draw your cash in almost any global ATMs with the Visa Logo. And on top of this, this card isn’t link to your bank account, which means you may safely add any amount to your Wallet Visa card with no stress of exposing your main bank accounts. Simply speaking, it is a different Visa Prepaid card without maintaining balance.

Great Features of the Account

Access your funds 24/7 in any ATMs nationwide & Worldwide

No need to start any savings or deposit account

Affordable, only Php 110 initial loading & deposit fee

Zero or no claiming balance in Any Way

Can be used to store in any stores locally and globally

Could be used to store online in almost any Online Stores worldwide

Can be used to receive money from overseas as a remittance

Can be used in sending money to your loved-ones nationally

How to get one:

Please notice, RCBC Savings differs from RCBC lender, though they’re a sister firm, they’re two distinct banks which offers distinct bank products or solutions. You are able to readily inform their differences by using their business Logo. RCBC bank only has the RCBC ribbon in their Logo or banner ads whereas the RCBC Savings, gets got the RCBC-Savings in their bank banner ads. Within the lender, a lender’s representative will then direct you through every one of the procedure. Entirely fill-up the shape to the MyWallet Visa Cash card, then apply it. The lender’s representative will then request that you cover the first deposit and first load of Php 110 peso in complete (at the period of time of the writing). Once payment, after that you can await your card. It’s not necessary to return to maintain it.

Rank #5). UnionBank “EON Visa Debit Card”

UnionBank EON Visa Card has been in existence for several decades now, and one of the best choices of this Online Shoppers all over the nation. One great advantage of this prepaid card card would be, unlike many debit or prepaid card that has to be connect to a savings bank account to lymph its particular transactions, the Eon Visa card obtained its online accounts at which you are able to quickly pancreas your each transactions plus they also call it the Eon Cyber accounts. The simple truth that this wonderful charge card is a Visa driven debit card, it is accepted not only here from the Philippines but globally. You might also have the ability to draw your cash in almost any ATMs globally on almost any ATMs that communicates the Visa logo. You might also have the capacity to use it to get offline buying on malls, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants and other institutions that takes Visa card. And on top of this, in Php 350.00 it’s so cheap that any Filipino can acquire a single.

Great Features of the Account

Comes with a UnionBank Savings Account

Comes With Free Passbook

You can use it to cover your invoices online

Got its Eon Cyber Account

Can be utilized for Online-Shopping Worldwide

Can withdraw funds globally with Visa ATMs

How to get one:

To obtain or make an application for a UnionBank Eon Visa charge card, then just stop by the EON Visa official site by clicking on the orange button below. This will take you away to the Online Program form of this EON Debit Card. Completely fill out the application form and do not forget to nominate the “pickup branch” where you are able to keep your own EON Visa Debit Card. Take note that you need to choose the lender pick-up location that is nearest to your place, and that usually means that you won’t waste time and money to keep your debit a hundred kilometer away. And don’t forget this significant requirements also whenever you’re likely to maintain your Eon Visa Debit Card Php 350.00 for your annual or annual registration fee as well as card cost, at least two valid picture bearing I.D.s, police I.D.’s are greatest like a passport or driver’s license, or even PHLPost I.D., and finally, an evidence of earnings, such as your yearly pay slip from your company, your occupation, or your own enterprise income documents if you’re a self respecting or company proprietor. Ordinarily, it may require five days or more after program, before you can maintain your EON Visa Charge Card.

Rank #6). Land Bank “Visa Debit Card”

Land Bank of the Philippines is among the very perfect governments banks in the Philippines, plus it’s now quite known for getting fantastic bank products which actually fits the Filipino lifestyle today. The Land Bank Debit Visa card will really come with all the Land Bank regular savings or deposit accounts (means you will have it by launching a Land Bank savings account). And given that it has the capacity to be utilized to purchase online, and online malls, or even a few other institutions which takes Visa powered card then it really belong to the classes of honored debit and prepaid card lists and inspection post. One of the very greatest characteristic of the Visa Card is the fact that it includes your savings accounts, you do not have to fret about how you are in a position to analyze your debit card balance in any way, you can readily view and examine it on virtually any ATM machines onto an Land Bank iAccess Online Banking providers online.

Great Features of the Account

Cheap Initial Deposit of only Php 500

Affordable keeping balance of just Php 500

Includes a Visa Debit ATM card

Can draw worldwide on almost any VISA powered ATM machines

Can bes used to store online or offline or online malls

High interest rates of 0.250% Each Year

How to get one:

To acquire your personal Land Bank Visa debit card, then just prepare a minimum of two legitimate I.D.s, two pcs of 1×1 image of you naturally, Php 500 for your primary deposit and you may require a TIN (Tax Identification Number) number if they’ll need it in case you are working or got some kind of self-employed company or something similar to this. However, I believe TIN (Tax Identification Number) amounts may not be mandatory for students. But in the event that you already got you, then take it with you personally, just in the event of After obtaining all of the prerequisites that you need, have a peek at any Land Bank branches that is closest to your region or place then present your documentation mentioned previously to some creditor, most preferably in the”New Accounts” section of this creditor, all banks possess you. A creditor will guide all of the way through the process for having your accounts together with your debit naturally.

Rank #7). PSBank “Prepaid MasterCard”

PSBank can also be one of the best banks from the Philippines so much, they are now a subsidiary of Metropolitan Bank of the Philippines or shortly called Metrobank. But before the buy or consolidating of those 2 banks, PSBank made known to the Filipino hubs for making great banking alternatives and goods which were intended for the Filipino prices of living. And now they continued their exceptional services for your Filipinos around the globe by creating a wonderful prepaid product that’s intended for shopping online or on restaurants supermarkets, restaurants or even any establishments that accepts MasterCard card.

Great Features of the Prepaid MasterCard

Program for the card is totally FREE!

Initial deposit to the application is Php 0.00, not one.

Renewal for your card when it expires, can also be FREE

Easily cover your bills such as PLDT, Meralco, etc. for this card

You can use it as a remittance card to your child or family back home

Could be use to store on the internet or on malls, supermarkets, restaurants etc.

Easily check your balance online through net banking

Withdraw your money anytime, anywhere on any ATMs

How to get one:

Simply pay a halt by to any PSBank branch near your area and present at least two valid I.D.s.. According to experience, PSBank got the most adapting bank personnel I struck in my banking software experience up to now, particularly the one located in the Unite Nation branch near Kalaw St. few decades back. She was soft spoken and quite adapting, and that a real lender’s representative ought to be. Incidentally, in the event that you got all of the basic requirements you would like your legal I.D., or student I.D., in case you’re a student, along with your 1×1 image, the lending company will readily direct you through the application process. And on top of that, you don’t need to return to the lender to your own account, it is going to be printed and provided to you upon utilization of your Prepaid MasterCard.

Rank #8). EastWest “Prepaid Visa Card”

EastWest bank could appear new to your ears, nevertheless this bank began a lengthy decades ago, and today it obtained bank branches in only about every area in our country. It’s well-known for producing cheap banking products and services that fulfilled the Filipino criteria. And that’s because of their excellent services and products which are cheap. And speaking of great products, the Prepaid Visa Card is among the best online shopping card which we reviewed and therefore it’s to have its own place in our article reviews of debit and prepaid cards. Among the excellent feature of this card is the value. As low as Php 100, along with a legal government I.D., then you might have a Visa prepaid card that you might use for purchasing online.

Great Features of the Account

Affordable Visa Application fee of Just Php 100

Wordwide recognition, can withdraw worldwide on Visa ATMs

Can be utilized as a regular shopping cards on supermarkets, malls etc.

Can be utilized for Online Shopping on the World Wide Web

Free Loading or reloading on almost any Over-the-counter branches

How to get one:

Simply pay a halt by to some EastWest lender and inquire to get a Visa Prepaid Card. And like every bank accounts or card program, prepare 2 legitimate I.D.’s, they may need just one, but just to make sure and to prevent hassles of moving back home and receiving another set of I.D.s, only bring 2 ahead. And besides the I.D.s, do not forget to make your primary program deposit of Php 100 also, and you may need an extra Php 100.00 or longer to get your principal reload your Visa prepaid card that you use it instantly for buying on malls or internet buying online.

Rank #9). BPI & Ayala-Malls “Amore Visa Prepaid”

BPI was renowned for creating a fantastic merchandise for its active Filipino shoppers and Online-Shoppers in the Philippines. When they started the My ePrepaid card couple decades past, it did not took long before the young Filipino shoppers value it has abilities and fantastic attributes, also took a great spot among the very greatest internet shopping cards in the nation. The Amore’ Visa prepaid card has been closely associated with this My ePrepaid MasterCard. Besides the fairly clear differences from MasterCard and the Visa symbols, the Amore Visa Prepaid is more or less a “My ePrepaid MasterCard” using all the Mall-Shopping capacity stretched. And just enjoy the My ePrepaid, the Amore Visa Prepaid card may also be used to shop online, such as most Visa cards may function. And in addition to this, the simple truth it is so affordable, for sure that it is going to get excellent spot for every Filipino shoppers all around the country.

Great Features of the Account

100% Application Approval

International Withdrawals on any VISA Atm’s worldwide

No hassles, No hidden charges, No claiming balance

Affordable at only a 1 time fee of Php 350.00

2 Years Card validity without renewing

How to get one:

To get or get your own BPI Amore Visa Prepaid card, then simply stop by the BPI Amore official website, and then follow your link to its FB program type. The connection can be embedded at the orange button that will require you to the connection we are talking about. From there, just fully fill-up the app form, add your telephone and email, decide on the place in which you will need to select your Amore Visa card then await your own card to be printed. 1 factor to consider however, that the Amore Visa prepaid card program form is utilizing a Facebook Program, meaning essentially, that you have to find a Facebook Account until you can apply to receive one. However, that does not have you?

Rank #10). Security Bank’s “All-Access MasterCard”

Security Bank is among the top banks in the years today. And they’re also famed for generating, but obviously that isn’t a thing to be astounded of since they are an excellent bank products that suites your Filipino lifestyle today. And Security Bank Savings accounts. Talking of Filipino life, I guess Online Shopping is one of these. Bank awards from pretty much any bank bands, the feature of the card is the very simple. Actually, it is already embedded to allow you to encounter e-shopping anyplace, and anytime. It is a great Veterans bank that has been working in the country for an extremely long Philippines today.

Great Features of the Account

High Interest rate of 0.20% per annum / year

Instant Account Opening

Free Interbranch Transactions

Could be Utilized as a regular mall-shopping card anywhere

Could be used for Online Shopping Worldwide

Has a Passbook accounts listing

How to get one:

To get your personal Security Bank’s All Access, Simply stop by any and confirmed. Entirely fill-up the accounts application type, then devote the deposit or opening equilibrium of Php 5,000 pesos or even longer. Security bank branches nationally, and current at least one (1) main I.D. Staff will steer you with the process once your I.D. is accepted, two (2) bits of secondary I.D. for example Police-clearance certification, NBI. Then, wait for the MasterCard to be released immediately. 

Rank #11). Metrobank “Prepaid MasterCard”

Metropolitan Bank of the Philippines, or Metrobank, is another wonderful pioneering bank in the Philippines that offers exceptional product for the Filipino people. And among the most best lineup of products would function as debit and prepaid cards might be used worldwide. The Metrobank Prepaid MasterCard includes a great deal of attributes that actually fits every modern Filipinos today. That simple truth is it is so reasonably priced and doesn’t have some claiming balance that will fit any youthful students too. And also, this lovely MasterCard may also be utilized as an allowance or remittance card for your children going to school from different regions in the nation, hassle free, stress free.

Great Features of the Account

Affordable with Just, Php 100.00 Initial Deposit

Doesn’t need to be link to any Metrobank’s Account

Special Edition Card’s Prices only Php 200.00

Can be used for cashless shopping on malls

Could be used to shop online on the internet

How to get one:

To acquire your Metrobank Prepaid MasterCard, simply stop by any Metrobank’s branches nationwide and prepare or present at least one (1) primary I.D. or prepare two at least, merely to be certain. And also don’t forget to bring your Php 100.00 first deposit or Php 200.00 in the event that you want a special variant card using a painting images on them. The Metrobank’s lenders earnings team will guide you the way through the program process. Just fill-up an application form, pay the deposit and wait for your card. Based on experience with Metrobank’s accounts program at Metro Manila (I don’t know if it works precisely the same way with provincial divisions ), the card will be released immediately and that you may maintain your Prepaid MasterCard upon the start of the program with no demand to reevaluate the creditor to your own card.

Rank #12). BDO “Cash Card MasterCard”

BDO or simply known previously as Banco De Oro, is one of the fastest growing bank in the Philippines, also regarded as one of the top-ten best bank in the nation with respect to the companies’ earnings. And of course when it comes to popularity, perhaps they also have place from the top-3 list. The easy truth that BDO captured the middle of Filipino people by supplying excellent bank products that actually matches each Filipino standard, it is not a surprise that they are one of the hottest bank within the Philippines today. And moreover their cheap regular savings account, they also made debit or prepaid cards which was demonstrated to be rather valuable for each Filipino from purchasing online, cashless purchasing malls or for remittance usage. Along with also the BDO Cash Card MasterCard is among the fantastic thing.

Great Features of the Account

Very Affordable, even students can afford

Can be utilized for receiving allowances such as remittance card

Could be used for cashless shopping on malls

Can withdraw funds globally

Can be utilized for Online-Shopping on the internet

How to get one:

The same as in any or several bank account’s program (since some BPI accounts might be executed on line ), just stop by any BDO bank branches nationwide, most notably the one that is closes to your region. Present at least one (1) Government issued I.D. like a Passport, Driver’s permit or SSS card but to stop hassles, always bring two (2) I.D.s if you stop by any creditor. Most banks will probably always ask that you have a 1×1 or 2×2 photos. Though this is a Prepaid MasterCard, it’s always a best practice to provide picture on you personally, just in case. And upon program, please always request the right accounts as some bank accounts may sound just a tiny bit the same. I believe this comprises a Visa counterpart of this card.

Conclusion of the review…

Within this specific article, we planned to unite both the Prepaid or Debit cards, together with the Debit cards that are connected to the vital savings accounts. The simple fact that every one of the cards we now included in this review has the capacity to be utilized for buying online which supplies them the right to be in the listing. They are debit cards that has a deposit accounts connection together which means they are contained with the savings accounts rather than only a pure debit cards independently, like other cards.

We’re conscious that there are still additional prepaid card or debit cards out there that might also be utilized for shopping online but sadly a number of them are simply not popular into the Filipinos and getting them is somewhat complicated so we opted to follow our own 10+ lists and will only add others later we could earn a full-review on these. One kind of this sort of shopping card is that the PayPal Debit Card, that obviously came from PayPal global. Some nations they could just be bought from the main PayPal branch. But we’ll make a review on this particular soon and will add it on our listing.

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