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Mercury Drug-MyWallet Card & How to verify for PayPal account

Mercury Drug MyWallet Card

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), a Property and Investment lender, also among the Largest banks within the PHILIPPINES, also Ranked 5th-Largest with resources, has recently established its entrance using an Online-capable Visa Card. This Card is nevertheless co-branded with a few of the primary Drugstores here from the Philippines, the MercuryDrug. Mercury Drugstore has been performing a “Suki Card” price for quite a while already, which is a very straightforward card used to buy at any division of Mercury Drug Grocery Stores. Nevertheless, this Card has been only entirely usable here in the Philippines. Using the Partnership using RCBC, They established a card that’s not merely effective at buying on almost any grocery shops, malls, pubs, restaurants, supermarkets, or other institutions here in the Philippines. However, They could likewise use globally using their VISA card tech. Under the Partnership together with VISA International too. And in addition to this, this Card gets the Online Capability”, such as some other CREDIT CARDS of Virtually any banks. Simply speaking, it may utilize to store online in tens of thousands of internet retailers worldwide.

This Card has been called “Mercury Drug-My-Wallet Visa” the expression “MY WALLET” was utilized by RCBC because of the line-ups of DEBIT CARDS & PREPAID VISA Card that was also called “My Wallet.” And these cards arrived in two distinct forms: the My Wallet neighborhood and the My Wallet International powered by Visa-International. MercuryDrug My Wallet can also be known by the title “Suki Cards.” The exemptions Workers because it had been created especially for its client’s loyalty plans of their Mercury Drugstore, which provide incentive promotions to their faithful clients. Hence this Card has been created using a VISA-SMART CHIP TECHNOLOGY embedded right in the Card’s surface. This “microchip” attached to the Card will function as the POINTS-MEMORY-SAVER to get its purchased points accumulated by the faithful clients of MercuryDrugs.

From the Philippines, cardholders may do different trades such as invoices payment in any of over 600 RCBC, RCBC Savings Bank ATMs, and over 4,500 additional BancNet-affiliated ATMs nationally. RCBC MY WALLET SUKI CARD is a Visa-enabled card. The Card could be obtained and used oversea. It allows the cardholder to get their account, withdraw money, and conveniently buy products via its debit card function in around 30 million Visa accredited retailers worldwide and over 1.7 million VISA-bearing ATM locations globally.

Characteristics of this Card:

A). The Card offers Mercury Drug and RCBC patrons the handiest method to store. MercuryDrug-MyWallet Card is a stored value card that may be reloaded with money via ATM or countertop. Payment will be debited automatically with each swipe over 18,000 Bancnet POS retailers and more than 70,000 Visa-accepting institutions from the Philippines. Therefore, the Card may be redeemed in present Visa terminals at Mercury Drug branches. So it is essential for everyday shoppers, particularly those who love purchasing groceries.

B). The Mercury Drug-MyWallet Card is powered using a microchip that may shop rewards points made with each purchase of medications, food, or drink in Mercury Drug shops. Once accumulated, these points may be utilized to buy any product in the most engaging Mercury Drug stores nationally. So every single time you use it to buy on any Mercury Drug Stores nationally, you may get rewards points that will be saved straight to a card’s microchip.

C). Mercury Drug-MyWallet cardholders could make different trades, for example, invoices payment in any of over 600 RCBC along with RCBC Savings Bank ATMs and over 4,500 additional BancNet-affiliated ATMs nationally. You can use it mainly to pay your ordinary monthly invoices in power, Telephone lines, and several different bills everywhere.

D). Considering that the Mercury Drug-MyWallet is a Visa-driven debit card, the Card may be obtained and used overseas. It will allow the cardholder to get their account, withdraw money, and conveniently buy products via its debit card, operating in around 30 million Visa accredited retailers worldwide and over 1.7 million VISA-bearing ATM locations globally.

E). Another ideal quality of this Card is that the Mercury Drug MyWallet card may be utilized to cover fares at pick MRT stations. The Card may only be tapped onto a card reader found right in the channel turnstiles to permit consumers to board and out without having to line up in the charge booths. Simply speaking, zero line-ups within an MRT channel, provided that you have sufficient balance on your debit card, then you are all set.

G). PayPal is verifiable for use for internet purchasing – The simple fact that this particular Card is PayPal verifiable will undoubtedly indicate you could use it to shop online. Open your own PayPal accounts, confirm with this Card, and then go internet shopping. Some online retailers may also take this Card for direct card payments. However, for much more versatility, security, and security, connecting to your PayPal account is significantly suggested for internet shopping. For additional information on this subject, just read the article below about how it is simple to confirm your PayPal account with your Mercury medication MyWallet suki card.

F). The Mercury Drug MyWallet card is generally perfect for those who don’t have bank deposit balances but need a secure and suitable storage facility that allows them to get their money anytime, anywhere they desire. It does not have any interest or finance charges without a necessary monthly maintaining equilibrium so that cardholders will remain as small as P100 or some sum for them throughout their day up to a max of P100,000 a month. The loading fee is just P10 per trade.

The best way to Acquire a Mercury Drug MyWallet card is to get checked for PayPal.


Step 1). Pay a visit to any RCBC commercial bank branches closest to your area. Please be aware that RCBC Commercial Bank differs from RCBC-Savings bank. The RCBC-Savings Bank Is Just a SUBSIDIARY BANK of RCBC Commercial lender, and they do not discharge a “My Wallet Visa” Card inside. You truly will need to visit the RCBC-Commercial bankcard. Usually, you can view “RCBC” because of their Logo in their Bank, rather than “RCBC-Savings,” its two-different banks. However, RCBC-Savings bank could also launch a Mercury Drug MyWallet Visa card in a few of their branches.

Step 2). As soon as you’re there currently, inform the”New Account” sales associate that you’d love to get a MercuryDrug”My Wallet Visa” card. Or say”SUKI-CARD” that the RCBC workers know concerning the MercuryDrug Suki-Card. Why let them use “suki card” rather than “My-Wallet”? Well, that is because RCBC also sells additional DEBIT & PREPAID cards utilizing the title of “My-Wallet,” therefore should they have confused everything you stated, then they may provide you an “RCBC-My-WALLET” card rather than

Step 3). The Bank will request your Valid I.D.s in 2-pieces (1 Main I.d. & 1 secondary or encouraging I.D.). You provide them some I.D. which you’ve to enjoy your organization I.D., however most rather a government position I.D.s such as the BIR-TIN I.D., PhilHealth, SSS-I.D., a driver’s permit, or an NBI Clearance. For a complete list of legitimate I.D.s, “CLICK HERE.” After verifying your Identity along with your signature on your I.D. They’ll provide you a Bank Type to Fill-up; typically only 1 page; however, occasionally, they provide over just one page of Bank type and a few signature-confirmation cards. It is a card with three blank spaces for entering your signature. Always apply your signature onto your I.D. Otherwise, they may deny your application. Never utilize any other touch compared to the one you use in your I.D.

Step 4). Once the type is filled and submitted to the Bank Employeemail, they will provide you a Deposit slide. No, they won’t request that you earn a first deposit immediately to your Card. It is just for its “card costs”; in the time that I implemented last “January 13, 2013” it had been just”Ph20.00. Yes, it’s own twenty-five pesos only. Take note. However, this CARD is a NON-PERSONALIZE card. It will not have your name published on the Card, only your card amount. However, this card amount will be connected to a Name. Thus, even though your title isn’t shown on the Card, that amount remains your accounts card amount. Because the Card has been a charge card, you can take it instantly right once you paid the deposit slip into the Bank’s teller.

Step 5). After paying the lender’s teller, you’ll provide the confirmation reception to the Bank Employee who approaches your orders. They will instantly discharge your “Mercury Drug My-Wallet Visa” Card & “DONT FORGET TO request THE PIN SLIP” also, it includes the PIN of your VISA card should you use it in ATM Machines. After that, wait for 1 to 3 times for the card activation. To know whether your Card has triggered, test it upon RCBC ATMs or other ATM Machines with a VISA symbol. When it doesn’t offer you an ERROR message about the ATM screen, it means that your Card has been activated. But it is not yet triggered when the ATM Machine informs you the accounts can’t be validated or there is a mistake with the funds. Test it daily, to be specific.

Please be aware: The procedure for your Complimentary (with your name on the Card)”Mercury Drug My Wallet Visa Card” remains the same in STEPS 1 to 5. However, the one distinction is that the “PRICE-TAG” of this Card and the “launch date” of the charge card will be simply Ph20.00-you can assert it at once. However, the personalized one will also be Ph120.00 pesos- you will maintain it after three times. It’s personalized with a feeling that it’s your name on your Card. However, naturally, their capabilities and functions continue to be precisely the same. Although your name isn’t printed on your Card, even such as your NON-PERSONALIZE one, nevertheless the CARD quantity represents or LINK to a Wallet Account. Therefore, if you are likely to use it online or to confirm your PayPal accounts, apply your NAME in entering the information, as though it isn’t PRINTED or your CARD, then Number in your Card remains LINK for your title.

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