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Different kinds of Prepaid Debit card for shopping online

Recently, the majority of the handy outlets available enjoy the 7/11 or even mini-stops in any portion of the planet already accepts cashless purchasing, or simply only card purchasing, yet almost all retailers, boutiques and stallers within the supermarkets, convenient stores, as well as large malls currently accepts cashless payments also card or even card payment. And this process of payment cuts that the hassles of providing the clients’ enormous number of coins or invoices for their own change, and counting that this very small gold and invoices are actually hassles not just to the cashiers providing the shift, but to their clients too. Envision yourself at a counterclockwise, counting those very small coins which were awarded to you from the cashiers while other clients are in your back awaiting their turn to cover? In the event you do not count the change, then what should the cashier granted you a P10 or P100 significantly less out of your shift? Or even better, if you are the cashier, what should you have given P10 or P100 pesos more into the shift of an individual client? Then you are going to need to cover this sum out of your money…sees the hassles which it might cause shopping with money?

Imagine if you have to purchase something which needs you to earn an huge sum of money? Just like purchasing a flat screen TVs, a fridge, an iPhone tablet computer or even a dinning set? Certainly you can not simply set your cash on a little handbag or pocket of yours which can hold just 10,000 pesos or longer, without even being notice from the terrible elements of the society such as the snatchers, hold-uppers or even posers that might want to grab your hardly-earn cash from your hands. This is a really great reason of owning a”debit card” rather than Certainly the money within your debit card accounts would not be detect from the snatchers or even hold-uppers, and along with it, in case your card have stolen or get dropped, your cash still secure on your accounts, simply ask your lender to suspend your accounts and you’ll be able to ask to get a new card in the bank. But in case your hardly-earned cash get lost, get stolen, or even get lost? There’s no way you may get it backagain.

What’s a Debit-Card, the way to receive you, and utilize for internet shopping…

Before I shall disscuss different sorts of debit cards out there in almost any banks around the planet, we’ll first, talk on what actually is”a debit card”? What are the purposes and constraints of this? Nicely debit cards have nearly all have exactly the very same attributes and purposes, it sets your money within your debit card accounts, and you’re able to get your cash via your Debit-Card MasterCard or even a Debit-card charge Card. So you can purchase or pay, what you enjoy having a card without bringing huge quantity of money in any way, make all of your money is within your”debit card”. That is why many banks predicted their DEBIT- CARDS that a”PREPAID-CARD” though some banks known as their Debit-Cards”CASH CARDS”. Well to make it less difficult to comprehend, debit card actually functions just like a PREPAID-SIM CARD, then you want to place a money in your accounts, so which you could use your Debit Card to buy and cover a Counter, or cashiers that shows VISA, VISA-Plus, MasterCard, Cirrus, Banknet, Megalink or Express Web.

There are 3 kinds of cashless purchasing, 1 form is using VISA, or VISA-Plus Payment, even in case the DEBIT Card provided to you from the lender, includes a VISA, or VISA electron Logo at the surface of the card, even only close to your NAME, and then your debit card is a VISA card, and also you’ll be able to pay Cashlessly in any Cashiers or issuer which shouts a VISA, or even VISA-Plus emblem near their Cash-Machines. From time to time, it’s in the decal form embedded within their Cash Register Machine.

Characteristics, capacities, functions and constraints of a debit card

You know just how a debit card, unsecured cards Cash Card functions, let us talk about their Limitations and capacities. As what I’ve said, virtually all them have exactly the very same purposes, to take your tremendous quantity of money, so you won’t take it in your pocket anymore-hence your money is safe on your accounts, and provides you the suitable of purchasing or paying your invoices cashlessly.

Various banks have different credit card capacities or limitations or features. Some debit cards have been confined to 1-year expirations, and, you need to pay at least P100 to get a recently credit card, but nevertheless the exact same account number that you have. To get a year of usage, a 100 pesos is currently fair enough. Whenever some lender offers a two years expirations in their Debit, Cash Cards, or Prepaid Cards, and you may pay at approximately P120, P150 or any P350 such as the Unionbank Eon Account-you do not need to renew the card, but you will only need to pay the yearly charge. P350 annual membership repayment is currently cheap for a typical Filipinos or just a pupil.

Some Debit Card, Cash Card, or even Prepaid cards comes with an Global capacities, such as the BDO Smart-Money That’s powered by MASTERCARD, the BPI-My E-Prepaid Cards, iRemit Shop&Purchase Visa card, Security Bank Cash Card International plus a few other Debit Cards from Different Banks. These cards may be utilized to store globally, and they’re powered by MASTERCARD or VISA card, and may also be utilized to withdraws through ATM Machines in different nations that communicates the LOGO MASTERCARD or VISA, VISA-Plus. Some debit cards may just do cashless shopping in the Philippines, though they possess a VISA or MASTERCARD Logos onto these. Some examples would be the BPI-Express Money, Allied Bank ABC Cash Card, Security Bank Cash Card-(maybe not the Global variant ), Sterling Bank of Asia Shop&Purchase, BDO Cash Card, PNB Harness MasterCard, Equicom Cash Card, BPI Express Present, or even BPI Express Cash Present and some other people. All these cards have the complete features of a debit cardor purchasing cards, but could only be utilized to store here from the Philippines.

When obtaining a Debit Card, Cash Card or even Prepaid-Card, then be sure to have arranged or employed for the one which you require, affirm it with all the lender personnel . Some banks offers several distinct sorts of debit or prepaid cards, such as the BPI and every card has distinct purposes, capacities and has distinct restrictions, so inquire. Or even better, it is almost always a fantastic beginning to do a study of every debit card which you enjoy, by using their sites, all banking has you. For the listings of these Official Websites of those banks, then simply go to the BANKING Page here within my Blogsite. Just simply click the BANKING BUTTON in the very top corner of the page.

A number of examples of a debit card with Internet shopping capacity
A). The BPI “My ePrepaid MasterCard debit card”

This card is fantastic for all those average-earning folks, teenagers and students who do not possess a charge card, but who’d love to cover promo , accessories, gadgets, and plenty of other promo goods on the internet. Nonetheless, this is the sole charge card card offered by this BPI that’s available nationally at this moment. Other prepaid cards, Cash Cards and Prepaid cards offered by the BBI are solely for its GMMA (Greater Metro Manila Area) just as of today. Perhaps they’ll be offering another Debit cardsnationwide shortly.

The other kind of Cashless shopping would be using MASTERCARD, In case your lender awarded you some Debit Card with a MASTERCARD emblem in the surface of the card, then simply close to your NAME on the card, and then your Debit Card is a MasterCard, also you’re able to cover a searchable shopping on almost any Cashiers, or even Counters that Shows the MASTERCARD Logo near their Cash-Register-Machines, or even from time to time, it’s in the kind of a decal directly embedded into their Cash-register-Machines. Only offer your card to the cashier, and they’ll swipe to your own card reader. Then request that you sign a listing of acknowledgement, though some cards ask that you enter your PIN for their Card-Reader.


1). There is no claiming equilibrium, does not make a difference if you used-up all of your deposited cash in your card.

2). 100% acceptance, means anyone can Great things on My ePrepaid MasterCard:

3) anyone may have a single, for example students and teenagers provided that they’ve 1 legitimate ID, such as a brand new faculty I.D.s they’ve, also 500 pesos for calculating charge and card price.

4). Could be used to Purchase online, in most sites that take MasterCard (select Credit Card as payment choice )

5). Could be used to purchase in shops at the Philippines and in several other states (shops that take MasterCard)

6). Can be utilized to cover restaurants from the Philippines and in several other states (restaurants that take MasterCard)

7). In paying stores or restaurants restaurants, gas stations or hotels, you dont want any PIN. Present the card and then sign the sales slip.

8). Just 500 pesos to buy the prepaid card which includes processing fee along with the card prices already.

9). Valid for two years (therefore it might imply that it is just 250 pesos for a single year) for your yearly subscription, that is fair enough to your typical pupils, or young people who enjoys online shopping.

11). It is exactly like a bank cardit has a 16-digit card amount, includes a 3-digit card confirmation code, and contains a validity interval or expiry date.

It may be utilized to confirm that a PayPal payment, even when enrolling for a PayPal account.




Some Small limitations of this BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard:

1). It is an internet shopping card so you cannot WITHDRAW cash from your ePrepaid card… not thru ATM, perhaps not on the counter, rather than through online money transfer. It follows that you merely have to load your own card when you are interested in buying something on the internet, rather than overload it, even in case you are on a small budget, as you can just apply your money within your own card for shopping via internet, or via retailers in most pieces of the Philippines, also across the world.

However, you dont need to be worried about this, as you can readily reloaod your own ePrepaid mastercard with your routine BPI savings accounts, or utilize the express-deposit ATMs onto BPI branches, so and then you certainly do not have to reload it entirely. Simply load the sum you will need for buying online.

2 ). You have to telephone a BPI customer support assistance to trigger your global characteristics, if you’re planning to work with you card overseas, to not fret however, cause their clients assistance can be available globally, and you’ll be able to call them even when you’re currently on your state of destinations. Though a few other MasterCard’s does not have to be triggered when utilizing overseas, BPI said that it is for safety purposes, to guard your hardly-earn cash. So just do not neglect to call themwhen you’re likely to utilize your BPI My E-Prepaid overseas, or you may not have the capacity to use it to shopping outside there.

B). The Sterling Bank of Asia “iRemit Visa-International Debit Card”

IRemit Debit card is just one of the greatest products which iRemit remittance providers have introduced into the general public. This card has been created for remittance functions, but together with all the venture with Sterling Bank of Asia, it is currently a Visa powered online card, that is utilized worldwide, such as online shopping. Additionally, it may be used for cashless purchasing on malls, shops, restaurants, resorts, as well as petrol stations that takes Visa cards. The same as any other Visa driven credit card.

Characteristics of this card:
1). Easily Acquirable, just Ph300.00

a). Remittance in minutes

b). Cashless purchasing

c). Online Buying

p ). Suitable Occupational Payment

e). Internet and Mobile Banking

f). Worldwide ATM access



A remitter overseas can send cash in real time for their own beneficiary’s iRemit Visa Card.


Even the iRemit Visa Cardholders can draw cash in almost any BancNet, Megalink and Expressnet ATMs from the Philippines and also countless Visa ATMs worldwide.


IRemit Visa Card is a quick, convenient and secure method of paying buys at any given BancNet and Visa affiliated retailer institutions worldwide.

5). Internet Shopping

IRemit Visa Card may be used for online shopping in several e-shops and retailers on the internet.


IRemit Visa Card offers advantage of performing ATM transactions like balance inquiry, invoices payment and prepaid card issuer through BancNet online or through Short Messaging Service (SMS).


IRemit Visa Card is a much quicker and more convenient means of paying your invoices via BancNet ATMs, BancNet Online or cellular telephone from the Philippines.

C). Smart Communication’s & BDO Smartmoney Mastercard

SMART Cash is among the Greatest flagships of all Smart Telecommunication from the Philippines, among the Top Mobile Network thus far. It had been established long decades back, and its capacity has risen considerably, from a basic bills prepaid and payment reloading card, into some fully grown global shopping, and internet purchasing MasterCard. The card is powered by a single of the primary lender in the Philippines, the Bangko de Oro or even BDO and MasterCard global which provides it that the global use capacity. SMART Money thus far did not have any close contest with its ability, as it is not actually a savings accounts, nevertheless has the capacity and capacity to behave like you. Other cards from a different cellular communication, the Globe Telecoms established the G-Cash, that presumed to be the SMART Money counterpart, but did not acquire much popularity, because of the considerably lesser capacity, particularly in the global arena. Currently, G-Cash has been converted into BPI Globe Banko that’s powered by Globe and yet another top lender that the BPI Family banks.

One great truth about SMART Money that brought people young or older is the simplicity of obtaining one, when compared with another well-known debit or credit cards up to now, SMART Money is easily made in almost any Smart Telecoms centers nationally, should you pay for a non-personalize card or even the one with no name on the surface of the card, or maybe you wait three to 5 bank days should you would rather the one using a customize name at your card. And to top everything that it is simple to obtain SMART Money in just two simple ways.

By obtaining online via the SMART Money official website:, or simply by seeing any Smart Telecoms Tele-centers nationally or provincial divisions. The prerequisites of obtaining a SMART Money can also be incredibly lesser when compared with the demands of obtaining for bank account. No wonder, lots of youthful folks prefer using SMART Money MasterCard within the debit cards or prepaid cards offered by the banks globally.

Characteristics of this card:

The Smartmoney masterCard Cardholders can draw cash in almost any BancNet, Megalink and Expressnet ATMs from the Philippines and also countless MasterCard ATMs worldwide globally on ATMs that takes MasterCard.


Smartmoney can be a quick, convenient and secure way of paying Purchases at any given BancNet and Visa affiliated retailerAssociations globally. Like restaurants, resorts, restaurants, stores, gasoline stations and other institutions that takes MasterCard.

3). Internet Shopping

Smartmoney may be used for online or internet shopping in several famous mobile -shops globally, and retailers locally. It is simple to book your airplane tickets any internet ticketing outlets which takes mastercard credit cardsince its a MasterCard driven card. .


Smartmoney MasterCard offers advantage of performing ATM transactions like balance inquiry, invoices payment and prepaid card issuer through BancNet online or through Short Messaging Service (SMS) via your Smart Sim phone numbers, and also do ATM trades on almost any Smart Telecoms ATMs along with BDO ATMs Too.


To top all of that, Smartmoney is a much quicker and more convenient way of paying your invoices via BancNet ATMs, BancNet Online or cellular telephone from the Philippines. So that you dont have to drop based on malls or banks simply to cover your regular bills in your home, simply simply hit your Smartmoney, then a click from paying your bills on line.

D). The RCBC My Wallet Suki debit card

Among the most outstanding products Made by this RCBC in partnership with all the Mercury Drug drugstore; the My Wallet Suki Card. The card may offer Mercury Drug and RCBC sponsors the handiest method to store. Mercury Drug-My Wallet Card functions as a stored value card which may be reloaded with money via ATM or on the countertop. Payment will be debited automatically with each swipe over 18,000 Bancnet POS retailers and more than 70,000 Visa-accepting institutions from the Philippines. Therefore, the card may be redeemed in present Visa terminals at Mercury Drug branches. The Mercury Drug-My Wallet Card is powered using a microchip that could save rewards points made with each purchase of medications, food or drink in Mercury Drug shops. Once accumulated, these points may be utilized to buy any product in most engaging Mercury Drug stores nationally.

One very best thing about this Visa card is the simple fact it has been analyzed for a PayPal verifiable. This implies, you may use this card to confirm a PayPal account, so that might imply, it is strong enough as every other Credit Cards from the banking marketplace. Locally, cardholders may do different trades such as invoices payment in any of over 600 RCBC along with RCBC Savings Bank ATMs and over 4,500 additional BancNet-affiliated ATMs nationally. Becoming Visa-enabled, the card could be obtained and used overseas to allow cardholder to get their account, withdraw money, and conveniently buy products via its own debit card operate by around 30 million Visa accredited retailers globally and over 1.7 million VISA-bearing ATM locations globally.

What is even more incredibly convenient is that new Mercury Drug My Wallet can be utilized to cover deliveries at selected MRT stations. The card may only be tapped onto a card-reader found right in the channel turnstiles to permit consumers to board and out without having to line up in the charge booths.

Card attributes:

This card may easily be accessed in any RCBC Commercial banks divisions nationally. Just pay a visit to the lender and supply a valid I.D. which you’ve, cover the card-costs and all, you’re able to always possess the card at an case.


The Suki Card Visa Cardholders can draw cash in almost any BancNet, Megalink and Expressnet ATMs from the Philippines and also countless Visa ATMs worldwide.


My wallet Suki Visa Card is a quick, convenient and secure method of paying buys at any given BancNet and Visa affiliated retailer institutions worldwide.

5). Internet Shopping

My Wallet Suki Visa Card may be used for online shopping in several e-shops and retailers on the internet.


My Wallet Visa Card offers advantage of performing ATM transactions like balance inquiry, invoices payment and prepaid card issuer through BancNet online or through Short Messaging Service (SMS).


Each single time you use your Wallet Suki Visa card, you get points which are mechanically be saved your own card , these rewards points could be converted into a shopping equal which you may utilize to include to your next online shopping spree.

Learn more about this particular card and ways to readily obtain one, simply click on the button below.

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E). UnionBank Eon Account Visa debit card

Eon card, Eon Account, or even the Eon Visa Card, is still another kind of a debit card which has the abilities and qualities of a charge card. Such as the SMART-Money along with also the BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard, it may also be utilized for global purchasing in real time at more than a million shops outlets around the planet, and tens of thousands of retailers, restaurants, malls, pubs, cinemas gas pumping channels and more. And it is not just confined to this purpose, the same as some other CREDIT CARD, it may also be employed to buy online, or on the net. Again, exactly like the other two cards that I have mention previously, Unionbank EON card is also well regarded as a PayPal debit card that is friendly. Since the matter of fact, its own long been usage by many end user net shoppers all around the world for extended ages now. The EON debit card is currently UnionBank’s web-based deposit accounts. It permits you to perform absolutely all of your banking transactions in a click of mouse. It is possible to make electronic fund transfers into any financial institution in the nation — anytime, anyplace! TheEON Visa Debit Card can supply you with cutting edge features never before possible from the background of banking.

Another fantastic thing about this Visa Debit card is the simple fact that it’s a Mother-Cyber Account from the world wide web, in which it is possible to dock or connect this Card, that provides you a good deal more convenient at purchasing online. However, the very best function or ability of this, is its simplicity of Linking it into PayPal, that is incidentally another very best way of payment on the internet or on the net (to learn more about PAYPAL, follow my article “WHAT IS A PAYPAL”). All of the details concerning the ways of connecting it into PayPal are instructed from the UNIONBANK site. To assist you understand and get the entire potential of the card.

Characteristics of this EON Debit card:

1). Among the very best characteristic of this EON card is the simple fact that it is The quickest, the most convenient way to lender. No branches. No more passbooks or checkbooks. No trade slips. No time wasted. Do your banking trade in 60 seconds in your home, or any place in the world in which you have net access. Technically speaking, all of your trade can be performed on line, all you will need is only an online connection, and your on your approach to online shopping right away.

2). No minimum balance to keep – this kind of account doesnt must possess any claiming balance which other deposit or savings account demands. So that you dont need to be concerned about your accounts being shut or penalties to cover. So long as your membership and card remains active, you are able to perform online shopping throughout the year.

3). Transfer funds from the EON accounts to a different UnionBank accounts or some other bank accounts in the Philippines. – it is easy to move any number you like from the EON accounts to some other Unionbank savings accounts which you’ve got, or perhaps to some other account from the other banking. All you need to do is merely register the savings or deposit account for your EON accounts, and that is it, so you can earn transfer of money anytime, anywhere so long as you have internet link.

4). Purchase Your Clients On-line with simplicity , Simply put in your billing details – the corresponding reference amount and the sum to be paidoff. You’ll get a confirmation number as the receipt for each and every payment made. No hassles, no worries, and what could be completed in only a click of a button.

5). Make balance inquiries, and make accounts summaries – like trade details. Tracking your accounts has never been so simple. You dont have to drop by your bank simply to acquire your account list, simply simply log-in for your EON accounts and you may have everything, such as the obligations for all of the trades which you’ve created, and also all of the online trades where you utilize your EON debit card.

Learn more about this particular card and ways to readily obtain one, simply click on the button below.

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F). PSBank Prepaid MasterCard Debit card

Prepaid MasterCard is still another wonderful debit card especially designed not only for internet shopping, however for real time shopping too. Even though most debit cards have the internet shopping abilities, not entirely all them have both in a single attributes. Some may be utilized for REAL-TIME purchasing on shops, restaurants, pubs, gas-pumping channels or even resorts. However, are rather confined to that functions only, such as some goods from BPI for example. The BPI-Express-Gift, and also the BPI-Express money, may be utilized for real time shopping everywhere, any shop, some other malls, any pubs, restaurants and other institutions. However, these special cards are confined to the real time purchasing only. They can’t be used for internet shopping, and although they have been MasterCard kind of Debit card, they are restricted for local use only, rather than global. Though, BPI-EXPRESS CASH, comes with an ATM capacity, by which you’ll be able to use it to assessing balance query and withdrawing money exactly as with any other charge cards or ATMs. Contrary to the BPI-EXPRESS GIFT, it can be restricted for actual time purchasing and doesn’t have ATM accessibility.

But, PSBank-“Prepaid MasterCard”, is rather stronger than both of the other cards that I have mention before. It has all of the capacity of a real charge card, as it has to do with the performance in real-time shopping anyplace, at any shops, virtually any malls, any pubs, any resorts and restaurants, even in any portion of earth. YesI stated any component of earth. It is a global DEBIT card powered by MASTERCARD naturally. Besides that, it may also be utilized as a standard ATM card, which lets you assess balance, transfer money, and also withdraw money from the ATM machines, but not just here from the Philippines, but also in almost any nation that accepts MasterCard across the world too. In addition to this, this Debit MasterCard, may be utilized online for buying any merchandise and solutions in tens of thousands of internet retailers in any portion of earth.

Characteristics of this PSBank Prepaid MasterCard:

1). Get it in half an hour or less. No first deposit. No claiming balance – it is easy to obtain this card at any PSBank branches nationally, no hassles, no no waitings, without any worries of deposit or keeping equilibrium, since it doesnt have you. Even the PSBank Prepaid MasterCard makes it possible to keep in your financial plan since it enables you to merely use the sum you load inside. This allows you to safely invest in your means while efficiently allocating your budget to your different financial requirements.

2). Send tolerance for your nearest and dearest readily – It isn’t important if your mom, spouse, your kids is in a different town. You are able to readily devote their monthly or weekly allowance and ship them time by mixing their particular PSBank Prepaid MasterCard. This is going to teach them the fundamentals of managing and budgeting their finances too. And to top that, they are easily able to utilize the card to buy straight online malls, shops, restaurants or some other institutions that takes MasterCard.

3). Use it to Remit funds for your loved ones, or your company associates – No place is too distant with all the PSBank Prepaid MasterCard. If you are working overseas or at a different portion of the nation, it is possible to send cash to your loved ones due to their monthly expenditures via the PSBank Prepaid MasterCard. Just visit any PSBank spouse remittance companies including Metrobank and iRemit to reload, and the cash you’ve put aside for these will certainly reach them fast and inexpensively.

4). Pay online invoices and readily withdraw money anytime, anyplace – Using the PSBank Prepaid MasterCard, you can draw money from any PSBank, Metrobank, and also BancNet ATM nationally, or by over a thousand ATMs in over 200 countries worldwide, providing you with 24/7 access to a capital at which you’re. You might even utilize your PSBank Prepaid MasterCard to pay your accounts anytime PSBank, BancNet, or Megalink ATM nationally or via PSBank Remote Banking, also a protected 24/7 online banking centre.

5). Shop on line and dine everywhere without concerns – Your PSBank Prepaid MasterCard offers the ease of cashless dining and shopping without the probability of spending outside of your budget you just spend what’s loaded on your own card. You are able to eat out or store where BancNet and MasterCard® have been approved. Even the PSBank Prepaid MasterCard can also be more safe, secure, and easy to use for internet shopping as you control the volume you load inside.

6). Could be viewed as simple as ABC – it is easy to reload your PSBank Prepaid MasterCard through PSBank branches nationally or PSBank Remote Banking, together with funds or cash from a PSBank accounts and vice versa. The card also can be loaded using ATM using money from a PSBank accounts or an account in a different lender.

Using its ATM card, debit card, remittance card along with online cash card attributes, the PSBank Prepaid MasterCard is the all-purpose card. You and your family members can use it to conveniently draw and move cash from any place on the planet, and pay for virtually anything. It helps you avoid overspending!

Buy a PSBank Prepaid MasterCard today in your closest PSBank branch. There is no requirement to make an application for a savings account or possess a maintaining equilibrium. For information about the best way best to submit an application to your PSBank Prepaid MasterCard, phone the PSBank Client Service Hotline in -LRB-02-RRB- 845-8888 anytime, daily.

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